Yang: NYC Should Implement Universal Basic Income


Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Thursday that he thinks New York City should implement a universal basic income.

The entrepreneur was asked in his “exit interview” in The New York Times whether he thought enacting the central policy from his campaign in the city would be a good idea.

“I think New York City should do a large-scale universal basic income. To me, that seems obvious,” he said.

The former presidential candidate also said he would endorse any candidate who supported universal basic income but also added he will support the Democratic nominee, saying “I don’t have any plans to endorse right now.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Sure, everybody gets $1000 a month. Then they have to raise taxes, tolls and fines so that the government gets it all back. Could anyone ever think of a worse idea?

      • Actually, contrary to what the non-educated think, socialist policies increase the divide between the very wealthy and the poor.

        Israeli is a good example of a “socialist” inspired democracy. Here, we have many government programs including socialized healthcare and handouts for many different reasons including having a child under age 5.
        These policies have reduced the Israeli middle class. Instead, Israel has one of the highest rates of poverty in a developed country as well as a high rate of wealthy.
        Capitalism is necessary for people to innovate and to create jobs that earn more than 12k a year.

  2. Sure , with 8 million people in NYC that would come out to 8 billion dollars per month based on his recommended $1000/month. 96 billion /year. Oichit normaal !

  3. Dear Mr. Yang,
    I accept. Do you also offer back payments for all the years I didn’t get free money? If so, I also accept. But I’m still iy”H voting for President in November, because as attractive as free money sounds, I also care about my country and my brethren in Israel, too.

  4. Yang ratios. Your money, his prank and your prowlers.

    If you like your KFC you can keep your McDonalds. Otherwise, his pennant runs to the bottom of the sea.


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