Yanky Ostreicher to Be Penalized for Talking to the Media

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ostreicherYanky Ostreicher has been served a notification that he will be penalized for 15 days for talking to the media in Bolivian and the media in the United States, Matzav.com has been told.

The notification states that he mentioned drug use and other activities in the Nightline interview, and Bolivian authorities claim that this will cause a riot in the prison. It should be noted, however, that Yanky never mentioned any of this during the interview with Nightline. The mention of drug use and other information was actually taken from the ABC archives.

Yanky’s interview was strictly about his suffering and his family’s suffering, and he was featured in that ABC News report for just a few seconds.

The notification by the Bolivian prison authorities does not state what the penalty will be or when it will be implemented.

Standard procedure in Bolivia is to penalize prisoners by sending them to Chonchocorito.

“In Chonchocorito, you kill or you get killed. The government obviously wants Jacob out of the way,” a source told Matzav.com.

More from the source: “Years ago, Palmasola Prison was run by 300 prisoners who would call the prisoners’ families, and, while they were on the phone, would beat every prisoner senseless until the family gave up all of their possessions. Many prisoners died as a result of these beatings. Families would sell their homes, cars and anything else they owned to make the beatings stop. 4 years ago, the prisoners rioted and murdered 10 of these gangsters. The government removed the 290 gangsters and put them in a separate prison called Chonchocorito.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I don’t get it, why in the world is nothing SERIOUSLY done about this real hatzolas nefoshos case.
    this is where pidyon shvuyim applies first and foremost.
    its a shanda beyond comprehension.

  2. This is why the old-fashioned way of quiet, behind-the-scenes shtadlanus worked – with diplomacy and not in-your-face pressure. A

    Let’s stop with the media frenzy. It doesn’t work. Appeal to the governments of Brazil and Argentina to bring quiet pressure – they’re the neighbors who do business with Bolivia and their opinion certainly counts for more than a TV show in some foreign country like the US>

  3. Shame on Obama & Clinton it makes one wonder why the indifference? And one is left wondering if the President who spoke out nearly convicting George Zimmerman based on only one consideration is at all concerned about an American who does not incommon with the President what Mr. Obama had income with Mr. Martin?

  4. Nobody cares! Shame shame shame. Think next time you vote. These elected officials must never again get a jewish vote, frum or frei – like in the old days, they don’t care which is which and nor should we be deluded.

    Oldtimer please why don’t you tell us the contacts of those working “behind the scenes”, if you know of someone reliable?


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