Yated Reporter Yochonon Donn: No Truth That Miami Rescue Operation is Going “Slow”

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  1. Reb Yochanan, you can spin it all you want. We all saw the video of a bunch of “heroes” standing a few hundred feet away from the collapse just staring at the scene with no clue of how to proceed. We saw the video, 2 days after the collapse, of 2 tractors finally being towed in to the disaster zone.
    And btw, with all due respect, how does the Rabbi or the head of Hatzalah help by just standing around for 5 hours watching?! That’s exactly the problem. Everyone is standing around watching INSTEAD OF ROLLING UP THEIR SLEEVES AND RESCUING THE VICTIMS!!!

    • There is a professional way with which search and rescue missions operate. They don’t just jump in and do what the layman would think is the correct course of action. they have to consider things like ensuring that one of their own does not become a victim while searching through a very unstable pile of rubble. This comes from years of experience in doing these things.

    • > “just standing around for 5 hours watching”

      Saying stupid things does not make the stupid sayings any smarter. It is hardly a secret that non-professionals should not be putting themselves (and others) in danger by (as you seems to suggest) just throwing themselves into such a dangerous situation. You may as well complain that the rabbi did not rush into a burning building instead of just staying outside (the “ruibble” was still burning).

      And the point of the rabbi being there is to bring back messages of assurance to the families from first hand eye-witness testimony instead of from rumour and edited clips. That is aside from the simple fact that when workers know they are being watched they perform better.

  2. Sadly it’s news reports that are glamorous or vicious that are much more believed! People are hurting and they are open to false reports if they help dramatize the reports. Truth is irrelevant.

  3. No one said they are working to slow

    The problem is the focus is on rescuing and stabilizing as opposed to just removing all the Debris

    There should have been 100 Dump Trucks lined up right away within hours of the collapse with hundreds if not thousands of workers and volunteers removing debris 1 piece and one bucket and one tractor load and crane load at a time

    By now all the debris and concrete should be gone

    • Agree. After the Twin Towers fell, there was an immediate action of removing the debris. I remember the truck after truck after truck. Even President Bush was seen standing on the pile of rubble. Here in Miami, I hear a lot of excuses and all the debris is still there. By the twin towers there were many survivors pulled from the rubble. Here in Miami there won’t be a single survivor all thanx to the “concern”, “care” “caution” of these incredibly hard working HERO first responders. What a bunch of crock. We have a bunch of self congratulatory bureaucrats full of ego, who were already extolling the virtues of the first responders when they were still miles away from the disaster site. Dade County failed the people of Surfside. You people are blind to the reality. Stop with the cover up.


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