Year After Obama’s “Deal,” Iranian Official Boasts Of Hitting Tel Aviv In Just 7 Minutes

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A senior Iranian official warned Saturday that if the U.S. launches an attack on Iran, his country could hit the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv in a matter of minutes.

“If the enemy chooses to shoot a missile in Iran’s direction, Tel Aviv will go up in flames from an Iranian missile before the [enemy’s] missile hits its target. This is not just a slogan, as only seven minutes are needed for an Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv,” boasted Mojtaba Zonour, a member of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.

Zonour was also quoted by Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency as saying that America’s 36 bases in the Middle East were all in range of Iranian missiles.

“These points are all within the range of Iran’s missile systems and they will be razed to the ground if the enemy makes a mistake,” he said. Zonour’s statements came following fresh U.S. sanctions against Iran in response to the recent Iranian ballistic missile test that purportedly violated a United Nations resolution. JNS.ORG



  1. Oh stop. Cory Booker told us that we shouldn’t worry. The Iranians love Israel and the West. They would never do anything to harm Israel or the Jewish people.

  2. If that is true Iran has to understand it also works in reverse, for Israel can reach Iran also in 7minutes. But Israel is so apt with computers maybe instead of throwing missiles Israel just disables them that they can not be shot at all leaving Iran with no firing missiles and Israel with an active missile system. Iran should think about that first.


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