Yehuda Glick Acquitted, Looks to Resume Har Habayis Provocation

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An indictment against Har Habayis activist Yehuda Glick has been withdrawn by Israel Police have.

Glick had been accused of assaulting a Muslim woman on one of his visits to the Har Habayis, and a court, in June, banned him from returning to the Har Habayis.

The charges were dropped because the plaintiff, Zoya Badrana, is suspected of having made her story up. After being acquitted, Glick called the conduct of the police “judicial terrorism.”

Glick was born on November 20, 1965, to American parents, Brenda and Shimon Glick; the family immigrated to Israel when he was a child.

He is the leader of HaLiba, a coalition of groups dedicated to “reaching complete and comprehensive freedom and civil rights for Jews on the Temple Mount.”

Glick is chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, and previously worked as the executive director of The Temple Institute, a group that supports the building of the Third Bais Hamikdosh on the Har Habayis.

He lives in Otniel.

On October 29, 2014, Glick survived an assassination attempt by Mutaz Hijazi, a member of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.

Glick has led groups of Jews to walk on the Har Habayis, and has been repeatedly arrested while praying, walking and filming videos on the Har Habayis.

The senior gedolim and poskim of this generation and previous times have been unanimous in their opinion that it is halachically forbidden to ascend the Har Habayis, a violation of a kareis prohibition.

David Steger – Israel


  1. What a nasty headline and nasty article!
    He goes there for the purpose of provocation?
    That’s why he does it?
    You state this as fact.
    How do you know this?
    Has he said so?
    As for the senior poskim of our generation being unanimous about its being an issur kares?
    Is Rav Mazuz, who permits it, senior enough for you?
    Rav Nachum Eliezer Rabinovich senior enough for you?
    The Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Kollel of Gush senior enough, or does their being merely in their low 60’s make them not old enough to pasken this for themselves and their students?
    How old need one be in order to pasken?

    • Rav Glick and others are “oever” by listening to his own Rabbonim, rather than yours?

      As I said before, how old does a Rav have to be before he’s qualified to pasken on this?

      Rav Rabinovich is in his 80’s.
      Does he have to wait until he turns 100?

  2. “Provocation”?! A Jew trying to reassert the Jewishness of the Har Habais, to save Har Habais from every day contamination of the islamic invaders, a provocation?! Even if we paskin that presently we can not go up to any areas of the mountain, that doesn’t mean that we should give away Har Habais to goyim.


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