Yemen Al Qaeda’s Spiritual Leader Killed



Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said Tuesday that its spiritual leader, Ibrahim Ar-Rubaish, was killed by a drone strike in Yemen yesterday.

Rubaish was a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay. Read it at AFP.



  1. On what legal grounds was he murdered? Doesn’t he deserve his day in court? Where is the human rights outcry from the UN over his death? I would hope a war crimes investigation will be opened on this case.

  2. i think #1 is just kidding, but in case hes not…
    he was killed because he supports and helps with the killing of others. he deserves 2 things, one of which he got (death) and the other he is surely getting (gehenom) the u.n. only cries out over israel. if you are not kidding, the only investigation that should be opened is who you are and where you are, so we can give you the next missile


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