Yerushalayim A Poorer Place


A new socio-economic report of the Central Bureau for Statistics downgraded Yerushalayim from economic level 4 to level 3 and upgraded Petach Tikvah and Rishon Letzion from 6 to 7. Other towns and authorities of 200,000 or more residents remained unchanged since the 2008 report, leaving Tel Aviv/Yafo at level 8, Haifa at level 7 and Ashdod at level 5.

Only two places have hit level 10, Savyon near Bnei Brak and Kfar Shemaryahu near Tel Aviv. Chareidi towns at level 1 include Modi’in Ilit and Beitar Illit.

Yerushalayim’s economic downgrading made tens-of-thousands of residents eligible for free afternoon child care.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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