Yerushalayim Honors Efforts to Observe Shemittah

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At a ceremony held in Yerushalayim’s City Hall, Mayor Moshe Leon and other municipal officials received awards for their efforts to enable modern Yerushalayim to observe shemittah with almost unprecedented hiddur.

The awards were granted by Rav Yosef Efrati and Rav Shlomo Amar.

“The first meeting regarding shemittah took place exactly two years ago,” Mayor Leon said. “I remember that the first time the subject came up, we had no questions at all. It was clear that Yerushalayim was going to keep shemittah in accordance with halacha. There was no doubt that Yerushalayim, the focus of the entire Jewish people, would proudly observe shemittah without compromise.”

Leon said that 6,000 trees were planted ahead of shemittah, and numerous gardening projects were hastily completed. In addition, Form 4, the authorization for people to occupy newly-built apartments, did not include the requirement to complete gardens around buildings during the shemittah year.

“If there is anything I envy about Mayor Moshe Leon,” Rav Efrati said, “it is his great merit for keeping shemittah in Yerushalayim with great hiddur.”

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