Yerushalayim Mayor: U.S. Embassy Move “Is Right Thing to Do” 

Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat was asked on Purim if he was concerned about a rising tide of violence if the U.S. Embassy is moved to Yerushalayim.
Barkat said, “We’re not concerned about doing the right thing – and the Americans announcing and actually moving the embassy is the right thing to do….We’ve learned that if we would be scared to do the right thing, there would never be Israel and there would never be a united city of Jerusalem….We’re actually excited about the move and everybody is going to be very, very happy in Israel.
“Everywhere you put a shovel in the ground in Jerusalem you find Jewish roots. The fact that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people – you just read the Bible and you get it. So the fact that the United States recognizes this and moves the embassy is a very simple American decision to make and, with all due respect to everyone else, it’s the United States’ decision to make. The Congress made that decision decades ago, and they’re just executing it. It’s a very simple thing.
“Unfortunately, some of our neighbors don’t like us, and it’s a tough neighborhood to be in. We know how to defend ourselves and we’re not moved by threats.”
{ Israel News Bureau}


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