Yerushalayim Municipality Pulls Out of Church Events


barkatFollowing a stiff battle by chareidi representatives in the municipality and a request by UTJ, Shas and NRP city council members, Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat announced that the city will not endorse events slated to take place in churches and will not fund them, and the organizer would be asked to remove the Jerusalem Municipality and Jerusalem Development Authority logos from event announcements.

In his statement the Mayor responded to heavy opposition by the three parties against plans by the Jerusalem Development Authority, which is a subsidiary company of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Jerusalem Municipality, to hold the events in Old City churches, since entering a church involves serious Torah prohibitions.

Representatives from the three parties had warned the Jerusalem Development Authority not to hold the scheduled events, especially since they pose a stumbling block for uninformed Jews who might enter the churches to take part in the events.

{Yechiel  Sever-Deiah veDibur/ Newscenter}


  1. “Finally a victory for Torah Judaism!”

    You make it appear as if life in Yerushalayim is one continuous, all-out nuclear war.

  2. Look what gets accomplished when all 3 religious parties work together. Hashem looks down with favor upon his children. BH


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