Yerushalmi Terror Victim Suing Attacker For One Million Shekel

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Otniel Elkayam, who was injured in a terrorist attack in Yerushalayim about three years ago, is now suing the terrorist who is running over NIS 1 million, following the physical and mental damage caused to him.

The suit described the attack, which took place about three years ago. While the Plaintiff and another member walked near the Mount Zion hotel in Yerushalayim, they heard “the sound of an engine from a vehicle accelerating behind them, a motorcycle in the hands of the defendant collided deliberately with the Plaintiff in the back, with the force of the collision throwing him into the air.”

“The defendant … stood up and began to walk toward the prosecutor’s friend while holding the motorcycle helmet in his right hand and with his left hand an 11cm knife, which he had prepared in advance – when he planned to carry out the attack.”

At one point, the knife was no longer in the defendant’s hands – the defendant then began to attack the plaintiff’s friend by means of the motorcycle helmet while knocking him three times in the face. ”

As a result, Elkayam suffered injuries to his limbs, bruises on the face and needed stitches in his head. His friend who was with him was also wounded.

Now, Elkayam and a close friend who served him during his recovery from the injuries sustained by the terrorist are suing for the physical, mental and financial damages they have undergone, in the amount of over NIS 1 million.

“We will make every effort to collect as much as possible from the terrorist,” said attorney Haim Bleicher of the organization representing the two plaintiffs. “We believe that in the war against terror we must fight all possible means. Demolition of houses, expulsion of terrorist families, revocation of citizenship, punishment for all expressions of support or assistance to terrorists, and damage to the terrorists’ pockets by lawsuits in court. We are doing what we can as a civilian organization, and we expect as every citizen that the state will increase its punishment and expand its deterrent capabilities against Islamic terrorists.”

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