Yerushlayim Mayor Promises To Remove Toava Flags’

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Yerushlayim Mayor Moshe Lion on Wednesday afternoon promised that the toava flags would be taken down immediately following the “pride” parade Thursday afternoon.

Following the city’s insistence on removing pro-family signs while ignoring requests to remove toava flags, one resident wrote that he was “shocked to discover” the bias.

“Where are law and justice?” he sent Lion via WhatsApp. “Are my family and I second-class citizens in this city?”

Leon’s response was shown to have read, “My dear friend, I am committed to acting according to my legal adviser’s guidelines. I am very sorry that you feel hurt. Tomorrow night all of the flags will be removed.”

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  1. Why should a filth parade be allowed to pass the holiest city? Let them pass Ramallah and whatever happens to them, happens.

    And stop calling it ‘pride’ when it’s anything but a pride to their ancestors, but it’s a shameful parade to spite the Torah and spit G-d in His face.

  2. Is Bibi happy now that it’s not a Torah country but a shameful anti-Torah lawless country where the rule of law is run by filthy immoral bums?

  3. My dear friend mr leon i sympathize with you for being terrified of the super strong toeva lobby but us the chareidi yidden are terrified of our creator that states explicitly in our holy torah what a severe avaira this is it is the cause of many calamities throughout generations please do all in your power to defend our sacred religion and Torah and remove those flags…sincerely yours … a heartbroken observer of collapsing society

  4. The area should be flooded with Mental Health Professionals for all these mentally ill people who are toaiva. It is a terrible mental disease.


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