YES! You can Learn to Code Conveniently & Affordably with TTI’s Computer Programming Course

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Has the field of computer programming intrigued you, but you never thought of pursuing it because of the technicalities involved, such as the class timings and cost?

TTI is proud to offer the frum community an incredible opportunity! Men and women can now become computer programmers and web developers, on a flexible schedule, and for an affordable cost. Classes are offered live, via webcam, twice a week, and are recorded as well for those that are not available at that time. Students will interact with qualified instructors to become proficient and comfortable in the programming field.

This course offers 12 months of training, for a small sum of $7,200! Not only that, students will earn 24 college credits, which can be used toward a Bachelor’s degree as well!

If you haven’t made the leap to the burgeoning field of the future, now is the time. Call 877 RING TTI Ext 0 for more information, or email [email protected]. Visit us by clicking HERE:


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