Yeshiva Bais Hillel of Brooklyn Settles in Torah Temimah Bais Medrash

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Yeshiva Bais Hillel, located in Brooklyn, between Flatbush and Boro Park, has become a go-to destination for quality bochurim – both pre- and post-Eretz Yisroel – seeking to shteig under world-class talmidei chachomim and maggidei shiur.

And now, Yeshiva Bais Hillel has announced the welcome news that it will be settling in the bais medrash of the Yeshiva Torah Temimah building at 555 Ocean Parkway. The new location features beautiful amenities, which will surely enhance the learning of the talmidim of Bais Hillel.

“We are excited to now be in a state-of-the-art building, with a beautiful, spacious bais medrash,” says Rav Aryeh Leib Zell, rosh yeshiva, who has made it his focus to bring together a cohesive chaburah of choshuve kollel yungeleit with post-bais medrash bochurim.

The kol Torah of the talmidim of Bais Hillel will surely enhance the atmosphere of their gracious host, Yeshiva Torah Temimah, whose students will be in close proximity to the bnei Torah who will now be learning in their building each day.

The rosh yeshiva of first seder, Rav Shnayor Burton, is an outstanding talmid chochom and lamdan whose reputation has turned Yeshiva Bais Hillel into a choice destination for bnei Torah.

The unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere of Bais Hillel is an attraction to young bnei Torah, especially at this time, when, due to the current circumstances, many of them who had planned to go to Eretz Yisroel to learn will instead be remaining on American shores. Bais Hillel has quickly become an ideal makom Torah for these bochurim.

The limud of the yeshiva this Elul zeman will be Maseches Yoma, and Rav Burton’s shiurim will plumb the depths of this segment of Shas, providing the bochurim with a feeling of satisfaction and sippuk.

Other maggidei shiur at the yeshiva include Rav Yishai Grant and Rav Akiva Brun, and shmuessen are delivered by Rav Leibel Gorelick and Rav Zell.

The hanhalah of the yeshiva stops at nothing to ensure the peace of mind and comfort of the bochurim, providing three nourishing meals a day and an environment in which they can shteig.

“The energy and enthusiasm that permeate Yeshiva Bais Hillel uplifts one and all,” says Rav Zell. “There’s a feeling of simcha, of aliyah in Torah, and everyone benefits from that immensely.”

There are a limited number of slots available for bochurim for the coming zeman. For information, call 917.743.4755.



  1. What, pray tell, is a ‘quality bochur’ ?
    Is it one to whom we refer when we say asher bachar banu mi”kol ha’amim in bichas ha’Torah each morning? Which bochur is not included in that?
    Is it one who learns every spare moment of his day – before shacharis, during his lunch break, on the train ride home from work (yes from WORK), and after supper and learning with or reading to his children and saying krias Shma with them? The Shulchan Aruch, based on the the Gemora, says such a person is considered Toraso unmaso and is patur from certain city taxes!
    Is it the one who takes each line learned and carries it through to halachah l’maaseh; at home and on the road?
    Is it the one who sees in his everyday life countless ways to be marbeh kovod Shomayim; with his neighbors, in his shul, on line at the grocery, in the waiting room by the doctor, at work . . . ?
    Aharon HaKohein was the Oheiv Shalom and rodef Shalom. Certainly what allowed him to be m’karvin la’Torah. Shalom bein Adam la’chaveiro, u’bein ish l’ishto cannot be accomplished as long as we see only differences – maalos and chesronos – between people. Only without judgmental havdallos can this be accomplished and maintained.
    When we say HaMavdil bein Kodesh l’chol . . . bein Yisroel la’amim, I don’t recall saying bein the perfect bochur and the non-perfect bochur. Could that be because as a people – when we are one people, Ish echad, b’lev echad, epitomizing Kudsha Brich Hu, v’Yisroel, v’Oraisa CHAD hu – every bochur is the perfect bochur?
    Something to think about.

  2. Dear Anonymous, it’s a rachmanus on you. You have serious issues (and seem to be pretty bored). A quality Bachur is someone who is committed to his learning and avodas Hashem. Every Yid is special, but some have developed (through hard work) into better “quality” than others. This Yeshiva is a great atmosphere for the quality bachur. I know R’ Shnayor Burton personally, and he is a great Talmid Chochom and role model. Something (for you) to think about.

  3. @ just sayin’ – I recall a CHaZa”L which records a revolutionaly change in Yeshiva policy from letting only top “quality” talmidim in to learn to openning the doors to ALL who want to learn. Who among us is able to change / undo that decission?

    HaRav Shlomo Freifeld z”l would “fahrher” potential students by simply asking them do you WANT to learn. Not do you know HOW to learn. Not are you proficient in achronim. Not even can you make a leining. Just do you want to learn!

    HaRav Moshe Feinstein writes in a teshuvah that sending a bochur out of the classroom for “misbehaving” which I assume includes not learning (even only for the moment) is a matter of “bari v’shema, bari adif” and should not be done; “bari” that outside the classroom he will not learn, and “shema” that he wil l learn from the experience.

    All the Gedolei Yisroel of America, years ago, declared the only justification for sending a student out of a school (and I presume for not accepting one) is if he/she is a choti u’machti. Is that what less than “quality bochrim” are?

    And finally, if by “serious issues” you mean my concern for every bochur and meidle, then I hope, indeed that HaShem will have rochmonus on me and on all of the talmidim, talmidos, menahalim, and menahalos.

    • HaRav Shlomo Freifeld z”l also said that if you already know how to learn you can go to Lakewood and don’t need his Yeshiva. Not every Yeshiva is for everyone

      I hate the term “Top Bocher” because it does imply snobby superiority. It comes from the secular world “top doctor”, “top lawyer” manner of expression.

      However I see no issue with “quality bocher.” You can be a quality bocher no matter where you learn or what your abilities are.As long long as someone is serious about doing what he should he is quality boucher. There is no implied snobbinessor arrogance in the term

      • Thank you. Rav Shach zt”l writes in a letter that the Gedolei Yisroel did not Coe from the “top bochur” who all too often rest on their laurels, but rather fro the bochur who had to work.

  4. Amein!
    The irony of this “conversation” is that this Yeshiva DOES accept any bachur who wants to learn. I was just pointing out that there is such a thing as a “quality bachur”. By the way, there is a very big difference between sending out a bachur, and not accepting one. Any Yeshiva can decide what type of bachur they wish to accept, but once he is “yours”
    you can only get rid of him if he is a spiritual hazzard to the Yeshiva.

    • Amein, v’chein l’mar!
      Baruch HaShem.
      I understand the difference, but I would like to see more Yeshivos who take achrayos for larger segments of the population. The Peleh Yo’etz (Ger) indicates that embracing anyone who feels lost, for any reason, fulfills the mitzvah of v’ahavtem es ha’Ger.
      I basically agree with everythig you say.
      Be blessed – Kesivah va’chasimah Tovah

    • 6:08
      maybe you want to go to my former yeshiva and tell them your wisdom. told not to come back smack in the middle of 10th grade. I didn’t do drugs I didn’t hang out with girls. I had a issue with getting up and going to school from a anxiety disorder so I missed Shachris and half the school week. no rachmunis!

  5. Because the shidduch resume has to be perfect. You’ve got to have gone to the “top” Yeshivos and been in the “top” chaburos. Anything less is a rayah that you’re a loh yutzlach oisvorf bum. Kavod kavod and more Covid. If you want to get that wealthy shver, you’ve got to have thee “top” resume.


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