Yeshiva Mekor Chaim of Boro Park Moves to Lakewood

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binyomin-palerYeshiva Mekor Chaim of Boro Park, founded by Rav Binyomin Paler zt”l, has relocated to the city of Lakewood, NJ. A formal pesichah for the reestablishment of the yeshiva in Lakewood was held yesterday with the participation of Rav Malkiel Kotler, rosh yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoha, who addressed the talmidim of the yeshiva and wished the roshei yeshiva much hatzlachah during this next phase of the yeshiva‘s existence.

Rav Binyomin Paler, who was niftar almost 12 years ago, was considered one of the closest talmidim of Rav Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik, the Brisker Rov. Born in Brisk, Rav Binyomin gained a reputation as a child prodigy and originally learned in the yeshiva in Brisk headed by Rav Moshe Sokolovsky, author of Imrei Moshe. He later had the privilege to learn directly with the Brisker Rov. During World War II, he followed the Rov to Vilna to continue his learning. It is said that Rav Binyomin and his chavrusah, Rav Berel Soloveitchik, would learn eight blatt of Gemara every day and that Rav Binyomin completed the entire Seder Nezikin in one winter zeman. Eventually, Rav Binyomin joined the Mirrer Yeshiva and escaped the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe by finding refuge with the yeshiva in Shanghai.

After the war, Rav Binyomin joined his chaver, Rav Leib Malin, from the Mir, in establishing Yeshivas Bais Hatalmud in Brooklyn. The next year, he was appointed as a maggid shiur at Yeshivas Chasan Sofer, the yeshiva headed by his father-in-law, Rav Shmuel Ehrenfeld, the Mattesdorfer Rov. Rav Binyomin Paler eventually became the rosh yeshiva there.

In 1965, Rav Binyomin opened his own yeshiva, Yeshiva Mekor Chaim. The name of the yeshiva was given by Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l to demonstrate that Rav Binyomin was continuing the mesorah established by Rav Chaim Brisker. In 1976, a mesivta was opened. Following his petirah, Rav Paler was succeeded as rosh yeshiva of Mekor Chaim by his three sons, the eldest of whom is Rav Yitzchok Paler.

The yeshiva has purchased a property on Locust Street in Lakewood where a building will be constructed to house the yeshiva. In the interim, the yeshiva is located in trailers at the site.

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  1. Its time for all the Brooklyn Yeshivos to start moving to Lakewood or other suburban areas outside of nyc that is where everyone is moving you get a new home on a bigger property with a better environment for less than half the price it costs to live in brooklyn

  2. reply to six Re suburban cheaper then brooklyn:
    Lakewood and waterbury are the only cheaper areas then brooklyn in the tri state area if you can find a job. Places in long Island,monsey or other parts of Jersey like passaic clifton teaneck etc… have much higher tax rates yeshiva tuition commuting costs,usually the need for two cars,food etc… so while the house is cheaper daily living is much more expensive I know of three families that actually moved back to brooklyn after they didnt do their homework properly before buying.Yes you will get a bigger house but after a few years you actually would have saved money by staying in brooklyn.
    Waterbury is the cheapest option if shayich


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