Yeshiva of Central Queens Ordered Shut Due To Measles Exposure


The health department has shuttered the Yeshiva of Central Queens for violating a May 9 order prohibiting unvaccinated students from going to school, which health officials issued after a report of a measles exposure at the school.

The school, located at 147-37 70th Rd., won’t be able to reopen without the health department’s approval. Administrators did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The health department has now closed nine schools in an effort to curb a measles outbreak that has seen 498 cases citywide since it began last October. The other eight schools have since reopened, health officials said.

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  1. It’s a chillul Hashem to take vaccine shots. It makes Jews look dumb for going like sheep to the slaughter.

    • Ben, who are the ones standing in line like sheep to the slaughter? In my community, many Jews lined up like sheep to the slaughter waiting for their shots.

  2. In full agreement with ‘Ben’.
    Regretfully, to date, much ignorance reigns in a “portion”, & ‘ONLY in a portion; of our “frum” society.
    Unfortunately, attempts at education, has not made any significant inroads; as witnessed on posts.
    Are we not supposed to be an “Am Novon V’chocham”??

  3. Yes, an am navon v’chacham knows how to think critically, question convention and herd mentality. We more than any other nation know how majority can be duped and fooled, and those few in number may have the truth.


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