Yeshiva Orchos Chaim Announces $10,000 Raises for Rabbeim

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orchos chaimLakewood, NJ – At its annual dinner last night, Yeshivah Orchas Chaim of Lakewod announced that parents of the school will be providing a raise for the dozens of rabbeim and menahalim of the school for this year and the coming years, TLS reports.

After listening to an address from Rabbi David Ozeri at the Agudah convention encouraging mosdos to give raises to their rabbeim, some parents at Orchos Chaim decided to put the idea into motion.

They immediately donated tens of thousand of dollars towards a raise for the 53 rabbeim and menahelim.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was raised to ensure that the rabbeim will have a steady raise of $10,000 each year, starting with $5,000 this year.

The yeshivah has also opened a parent-funded Simcha Fund for the staff. Each rebbi making a wedding will receive $10,000 from the fund, and $2,500 will be given to the rabbeim making a bar mitzvah.

Two of the sponsors of the program have already pledged to give $50,000 for the next three years, TLS says.

The school is led by its founder, Yankie Mandelbaum.

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  1. This is a good start, but not enough. And, other yeshivas (and parents) should take note and follow through. Sechar limud should be at the top of the list of everyone’s budget.

  2. Us parents, with multiple children in the school system, and maybe a child or two in need of tutorial sessions are squeezed beyond description! We’re plotzing! We understand that our Rabbeyim and Moros need wages that are comensurate with the ever-rising cost of living, but, pray do tell, how can we be asked for more?? I don’t go to the mountains for the summer – it’s too costly and I can’t afford it. My wife don’t vacation ever more than a little Shabbos getaway! How much more can I give? The last time I ate a steak was a long time ago!
    I definitely do NOT wish for my sons’ Rabbeyim to have to struggle but please don’t make it the parents obligation to pay more!!
    Can’t some גבירים earmark their donation for these raises and simcha funds? It’s so true! I’m not as functional at my job when I worry how certain bills we be covered. If the melamdim have to worry then our children are affected! Great Rabbeyim are no different!!! They’ve got to be affected no different and they work six days a week. Even I have Sunday to recharge – they don’t! And boy are my kids grouchy on Sundays yet they have to deal with it with love and TLC as only a Rebbie can provide!

  3. There are some yeshivos where they are addressing the problem by having rabbeim teach limudei chol in the afternoon. The criteria is that 1, the rebbi be qualified, and 2, the rebbi NOT teach his class limudei chol, but rather a different class. This is a win win situation. First, the Rebbi gets the additional salary. Additionally, the boys have more derech eretz for the subject, and take the subject seriously. Lastly, the subject is taught from an acceptable torah viewpoint.

  4. Rabbi Ozeri was quite clear that parents cannot be squeezed for more and that we need the Gevirim to step up to the plate. May Hashem bless them.

  5. Good for orchas chaim I am happy for all the rabbeim there and every othe mosad that helps rabbiem who definitely deserve it of course that doesn’t mean tuition should go up for those who are having a hard time making ends meet just an idea if some askanim could find a way to help with health insurance and pension I know it would be a great expense for a yeshivah but some funds towards a rebbe or MORAH would really help

  6. This is a very nice start, but why is the focus solely on the rebeim. Do the limudei chol teachers not have families to support??!
    Many times these women teachers are the only source of income for these large Lakewood families.
    Is it because we want to show our children that we don’t value education if its not Torah or that we don’t value women’s work in general in this community??!!!’
    I definitely agree that our Rebeim AND teachers are under appreciated and underpaid, but i think this policy needs to be enforced across the board and not JUST the rebeim!

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