Yeshiva Outdoor Adventure Group Takes Kayak Lessons in Clearwater

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kayakA group of 26 teens and five counselors were in Clearwater last week to spend three days learning how to whitewater kayak with Liquid Lifestyles.

“We’re going to go as far as these guys will go. We’re going to challenge them,” said Mendel Popack, program director with Yeshiva Outdoor Adventures. “Keep in mind these are kids who have never been in the backcountry, many of whom grew up in the inner city of places like New York and Los Angeles.”

Now in its fourth year, Yeshiva Outdoor Adventures caters to observant Jewish teens, he said.

The youngsters taking part come from all over the United States plus, this summer, one from Canada.

Starting Aug. 2 in Great Falls, Montana, the group traveled by bus through Kamloops, Banff and Kamloops before arriving in Clearwater on Sunday of last week.

Before arriving here the highlight of the trip had been climbing Mount Temple (3,500 m/11,600 ft.) near Banff, Popack said.

Monday they spent learning the basics of kayaking on the quiet waters of Dutch Lake.

Tuesday and Wednesday they tasted the whitewater on local rivers.

After two days spent looking at local sights, their itinerary was to take them to Vancouver for the weekend. This week the group was to rent a 127′ sailboat in Washington State, with the traveling teens to provide most of the muscle.

The tour will end at Seattle-Tacoma Airport on Aug. 30.

Popack was full of praise for the local kayak experts.

“This is a huge group for any outfitter to take on,” he said. “You have got some good businesses in this town.”

Coping with so many students at once was a challenge, said Scott Streadwick of Liquid Lifestyles.

He had to commit all the equipment in his storeroom, plus call in equipment and instructors from other outfitters.

“They really like the nice wilderness feel of the area,” Streadwick observed.

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