Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Monsey 44th Annual Dinner

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Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Monsey will be holding its 44th Annual Dinner on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at The Atrium in Monsey, NY. This year’s Dinner is a celebration of the triumph and continuity of Limud HaTorah despite the challenges of the past year.  

Please join us in paying tribute to our very special Honorees and the Mesiras Nefesh of our exceptional Hanhalas HaYeshiva. To place your ad:

Shlomo Fishberg– Kesser Shem Tov Award

Yisroel Gewirtzman– Talmid of the Year Award

Shaarei Torah Alumni Kinyan Hamasechta Chabura

Moshe & Faigy Bruckman ● Mordechai & Bracha Rivka Chaitovsky ● Moshe & Aliza Epstein

Chaim & Rivky Fogel ● Ariel & Suzi Goodman ● Eli & Ahuva Gross ● Mendy & Sara Rivka Katz

Yakov & Rivky Koff ● Dovid & Chaya Aidy Liff ● Elya & Malky Lopian ● Avromi & Chava Rochel Reifman

Akiva & Miri Topper ● Chaim Tzvi & Gitty Vorcheimer ● Yitzchok & Gitty Weinberger ● Ezzy & Layla Weiss


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