Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh of Bayswater Dormitory Held Up at Gunpoint


zichron-aryehAt approximately 1:30 this morning, two dark males knocked on the door to the Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh dormitory on Mott Avenue in Bayswater, NY, claiming that they needed to use the phone. They were having “car trouble,” they said.

One of the bochurim answered the door, and the two males forced their way in to the house. They ordered everyone upstairs to the bedrooms and frisked everyone at gunpoint. Those who were sleeping were awoken by the crooks and forced to stand with the others while they went through pockets and dresser drawers. Another bochur went unnoticed by the duo, because he was in the bathroom at the time.

A car, a laptop, a number of cellphones and miscellaneous electronics were stolen. They stuffed pairs of earbuds into their pockets. About three hundred dollars cash was also taken.

The police were called soon after the burglars drove off in a gray Nissan Sentra [NY Plate #EKT3436] which belongs to a bochur from the yeshiva. The eight bochurim who were in the dorm at the time spoke with investigators. If anyone sees the car, call 911.

At the time of this writing, the dorm is closed off as police await the evidence collection team. Nobody is allowed in. Tefillin were removed so that they could be used for Shacahris. The victims, who wish to remain anonymous, are sleeping in other houses for the night.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Word up: no opening doors for males with “car trouble” at 1:30 in the morning anymore. “Sorry, can’t help you. Bye.” That’s the response. Then call the cops ASAP. Put an end to crime.

  2. Why are you condemming these “dark males”? Maybe they did tshuva and you should be them dan l’kaf zchus. Besides its Loshon Hora to speak against a whole breed of people.

  3. hashem is reminding us that we live in golus…incident after incident…scare after scare…it all says:”Don’t get too comfortable…don’t forget to beg for the geulah…”

  4. ok ppl lisen up! the guys were already told to go away but persisted with knocking one bachur finally opened the door and by then everything was done for noones fault but the criminals

  5. why is it so difficult to just read the story without all of the stupid comments??!!?? the author wanted to cover himself by not saying anything that may sound racist. just read the story, take the information and be happy! gmar chassima tova to all of klal yisroel


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