Yeshivas COVID-19: Aryeh Deri Announces New Yeshiva for Talmidim Infected with Coronavirus


Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced today the founding of a yeshiva for those who have been infected with the coronavirus.

“We decided to set up a new yeshiva called Keter Torah, which will be in [Moshav] Sde Hemed,” Deri told a group of reporters, Times of Israel reports. “It will bring together all the yeshiva students sick with the coronavirus. The kol Torah will not stop for a moment, even during the [time of the] coronavirus.”

Keter in Hebrew means “crown,” as does corona, from the Latin.

Deri did not mention whether there would be medical staff at the institution, or under whose auspices it would operate.

There will reportedly be up to 800 talmidim in the yeshiva from all different streams of the chareidi community.

The rabbeim will also be those who have already been infected with the coronavirus, though the yeshiva will not be opened until there is an easing of restrictions on gatherings and educational facilities.

{ Israel News Bureau}


    • And catching it repeatedly may be more dangerous than the first time, as it is the case for other tropical viral diseases. We need more information before making such statements.


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