Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh Announces New Appointment


rav-ben-zion-elgaziYeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh (KBY), Israel’s first Hesder yeshiva, has appointed Rav Ben Zion Elgazi, to serve alongside the Rosh Hayeshiva Rav Mordechai Greenberg. Some time ago, the Rosh Hayeshiva notified the Board of KBY of his intention to lighten his burden after standing at the helm of the yeshiva for almost 20 years. Rather than choose a single successor, the Board decided to appoint additional Roshei Yeshiva, following a successful practice of other yeshivos in Israel. The Rosh Hayeshiva, Rav Greenberg, will continue to share in guiding the educational and spiritual direction of the yeshiva, and deliver shiurim as heretofore.

Rav Ben Zion Elgazi has been appointed to one of the newly created Rosh Yeshiva posts. He has been serving as a R”M on the KBY faculty.

Rav Elgazi was born in Petach Tikva in 1967. He attended KBY and its post-graduate Kollel program, and is a disciple of both Rav Greenberg and the founder of KBY, Harav Chaim Yaakov Goldvicht zt”l.  He then served as a community rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of a yeshiva high school and an Ulpana girls’ school in Antwerp, Belgium for four years before returning to join the KBY faculty.

The KBY Board is also in advanced stages of discussion for the position of Rosh Yeshiva with Rav Michael Rosensweig and is hopeful that these efforts will bear fruit. Rav Rosensweig has visited the Yeshiva recently, met with the faculty and delivered inspiring shiurim. Rav Rosensweig plans to spend chodesh Elul at Kerem B’Yavneh.

Founded in 1953, KBY pioneered the Hesder concept and serves as the prototype for dozens of other Yeshivot Hesder throughout Israel. Through a special arrangement (Hesder) with the Israel Defense Forces, KBY talmidim who have enlisted in the army divide their time between Torah learning at the yeshiva and their military duties.

KBY’s 450 talmidim live and learn at its campus, about 25 miles south of Tel Aviv. While most KBY talmidim are native Israelis, the student body includes a significant number of English-speaking yeshiva high school graduates from the US and other countries, who are enrolled in KBY’s Overseas Program.

The American Friends of Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh will celebrate KBY’s 60th anniversary at its annual dinner to be held Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. Honorees will include Dr. Ronald and Miriam Rubin, Dov and Sheva Adler, Rabbi Zvi and Shira Romm, as well as Ariel and Estee Nacson.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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