Yidden To Celebrate Yomim Noraim With Masked Shofar

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The end of the ram’s horn, which is sounded during the Jewish New Year celebration that begins Friday night, will be covered at the West Side Sephardic Synagogue lest any potential coronavirus germs escape to congregants.

Attendance will also be limited to 60 people, the five-hour service will be cut to limit the amount of time worshipers spend indoors, and everyone will have to wear a mask, said Ari Afilalo, the president of the Upper West Side synagogue whose members include immigrants from Israel, France and Morocco.

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  1. SICK! Can someone tell them that coronavirus is a hoax, לא הי’ ולא נברא, and nobody became sick with this bogus virus and certainly nobody died from it.

    • They should open their minds and prove to them that it’s 100% political as only politicians are involved with this. Had it been a real virus, like the Chernobyl disaster, we’d have heard from doctors, and had it been so deadly and contagious, a real health hazard, there wouldn’t be masks discarded on streets and store floor over.

      • Kol Hakavod!!! I personally would rather not daven in a indoor minyan this rosh hashanah and Yom Kippur. I’m sure it would be a zchus. Keshaim shemukamblin achar…

  2. Can’t they find a Baal Tokaya with confirmed antibodies or have him be tested before Yom Tov. It seems so much easier, normal and reassuring.

    • Since coronavirus is nothing other than the common flu as doctors are saying, sorry to inform you, if someone has antibodies he can get the flu again, can get fever again and so on. He can have antibodies without ever being sick. Every human DNA can be tested positive. In our family we never went for testing because Gedolei Yisroel said not to, but we had fever and sore throat more than once, does that mean we had coronavirus? No. It means we had the common flu, no different than other years.

  3. nebach- I lost 12 close people to covid…. please do not deny. please do not denigrate. Peple with confirmed postive tests, on respirators…. died alone…. a few survived…. please…. dont turn a deaf ear to our pain….and to a message being sent by Hashem.

    • WAKE UP! In short, ALL these deaths have NOTHING to do with corona virus. The proof is that it's politicians giving instructions, not doctors.

      It’s indeed very painful to lose loved ones. Not one honest doctor in the world that will tell you that a person died of corona virus without an existing illness. Which means corona virus is bluff. A little bit of research will tell you the truth. Had you not followed the media, you wouldn’t have known of corona virus altogether. An Amish man was asked how their community was doing with the virus? He responded, we are doing well. Asked, why do you think that is? He replied because we do not watch television…

      Doctors and nurses who put patients on killing machines, known as ventilators, died. Which is why Hatzalah took over. it’s not death from corona. It’s death by murder. Would you say 6 million Jews died from corona or another virus during the Holocaust?

      ‘Positive tests mean nothing too. Yeshivos in Israel who want financial aid from the government can only get it if they’re tested positive and quarantined in their yeshivos. So they go to the health dept or clinic and make sure to be “tested positive”. Which is why so many yeshivos in BB have positive tests.

    • Unfortunately you did not lose them to Covid but to extreme negligence or down right murderits true any one who was placed on a respirator or misinformed about a medicine that is 100 percent effective HCQ when taken early and is a excellent preventive ! so its tragic that you had this great loss but Now you should be the first to warn all others to eat healthy get vitamin D drink lots of fresh water and take hydrocloroquin HCQ as a preventive Vitamin C3000 ieu daily and then not to worry and just attend shul like its an ordinary year which it is , by the way its months! since any one you or i know contracted covid so why al this fearful foolish nonsense?

  4. To A Yid: I am a ba’al tekia and let me assure you that I have blown the shofar with a mask throughout the month of Elul in shul, and not one person complained about the sound. To Nebach: K’shmo, kach hu! A real nebach

  5. There are Rabbonim who are allowing it, and there are those who are not. Please let’s not get into ‘They’re not yotzei Shofar with a mask on’ or ‘They’re murdering people if they don’t have a mask on the Shofar’ fights. Please follow your Rav and join a minyan you are comfortable with. Gutte Gebenched Yohr.

  6. @nebach
    The stupidity of your comments is not to be believed
    So many have passed R”L- my brother is on dialysis as a result of covid
    Keep drinking the kool aid!

      • Yes, my grandmother was absolutely completely fine, she got the virus and passed away in less than 2 weeks, and she was never put on a ventilator… you’re a real sicko. May you enjoy the pleasant effects of this virus, you and your whole family.

      • 124 grow a brain
        thats the points. it attacks people with preexisting conditions. the fact you think that’s a gotcha is quite frankly extremely simplistic. these people without corona would still be alive and or not suffering life altering conditions due to corona.

  7. Kol Hakavod!!! I personally would rather not daven in a indoor minyan this rosh hashanah and Yom Kippur. I’m sure it would be a zchus. Keshaim shemukamblin achar…

  8. As a point in fact: any person that knows how to blow the shofar knows, that very little spittle leaves the shofar and most of it stays inside the shofar. It is totally asinine to believe that it will make the local environment more dangerous. It is the non-professional shofar-blower that spits through the shofar. Secondly, there are a number of Torah authorities that say that the altered sound from a covered shofar that would render the sound פסול. It is a total distortion of יסודי התורה

  9. you groisse daas toire sugers defenatly a pandemic but this guy that says kesheim shekibalti…. is a straight forward poiretz geder people became absolutely nuts rabonim that are meikel on end of life shailos such es pulling the plug etc
    are sudennly machmir in pikuach nefesh like always when it comes to a dovor shebkdusha hashem yerachem


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