Yiddish-Speaking Nigerian National Who Conned Frum Yidden Jumps Bail After Being Charged in Massive Fraud Scheme


john-star┬áNow that’s chutzpah. A Yiddish-speaking Nigerian national has jumped bail after being charged in a massive mortgage fraud scheme. Real estate broker John Star went on the lam last month, a week after prosecutors in Brooklyn offered to let him plead guilty in exchange for 15 years in jail. Now the feds are likely to offer nothing – or, as Star might say, bupkis.

A bench warrant has been issued. Star was free on a $200,000 bond secured with a home in Mount Vernon, Westchester County. He surrendered his Nigerian passport when he was arrested April 6 and is believed to be in the U.S.

“Rather than us having to expend valuable resources looking for him, Mr. Star should be a mensch and turn himself in,” said FBI spokesman James Margolin.

Star, 39, learned Yiddish while growing up in Switzerland with Orthodox Jewish adoptive parents. He moved easily in Orthodox real estate sources and hatched a scheme that bilked lenders of $10 million, officials said.

He and his accomplices submitted false loan applications that said properties were being purchased by credit-worthy buyers, authorities charged. Shortly after pocketing the loans, the defendants stopped making payments on the mortgages.Star’s lawyer, Anthony Mamo, declined to comment yesterday.

Anyone with information about Star is asked to call a confidential tip line: (212) 384-5000.

{NY Daily News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I don’t want to hear about some poor schlepper that lost all his money with this scam artist! Enough is enough already with these enabling gullible dumies! Asur lerachem al hashoita! These people who got scammed had no right to have that kind of money in the first place! It’s a good lesson that everyone else should learn from.

  2. Big talker, if YOU couldn’t have any bio kids, do you know what you’d do?

    Oh, and for every kid that commits a crime or sin, “Moral: Think twice before having kids”

  3. #3 as a person who has gone through infertility I FIND YOUR COMMENT LESS THEN METCHLUCH! EVEN AS A SLY REMARK.


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