Yigal Amir Appeals for a Minyan After 15 Years in Solitary


yigal-amirYigal Amir, convicted assassin of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, has appealed to be allowed to daven with a minyan after 15 years in solitary confinement. The appeal will be heard by the Petach Tikva District Court. The conditions he has been held in are “unprecedented,” the prisoner said.

“Due to the fact that I’m the first prisoner to spend so long in solitary confinement,” Amir told the court, “the fact that the conditions of my confinement are so much harsher than those of other prisoners in solitary confinement, and that they are made worse on occasion in the wake of media or political pressure, is highly significant.”

He asked that if he is not allowed to regularly pray with a minyan, he at least be allowed to daven in the prison shul during the Yomim Noraim. Failure to allow him to do so would be a violation of his right to freedom of worship, he argued.

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  1. This makes me sick. “Freedom to worship”? What about Yitzchak Rabin’s freedom to live! (whatever you thought of his politics.)

    This may not be the halacha, but in doing what he did, Yigal Amir forfeited his right to be a part of Klal Yisrael.

    You can’t dance at both chasenas.

    Either you’re in the system, in which case you live by, and benefit from, the rules, or you are out of the system.

    Amir, you’re out.

  2. If he is looking to do Thesuva and publicly expresses his remorse over the ‘Maavos Lo Yuchal L’Sakan’ that he is guilty of he should be allowed to daven in the prison shul on Yom Kippur.No matter someone does they have the right to do Thesuva

  3. Dear Yehuda (#1) and Eli (#3)
    You are believing the conviction set forth by the State of Israel. This does not mean that he is guilty, and in fact, there is compelling evidence that he is innocent. The government had a lot to gain from his conviction. Please consider this before condemning a man in a case like this.

  4. I believe it was a set up to make it appear that he killed Rabin.The best years of his life are being spent in prison, in solitary confinement for being a scapegoat.He should be given his freedom already, because I don’t think he killed anyone.

  5. even if he did kill him,why can’t he daven wiyh a minyan? Do we find anywhere that Hashem doesn’t like to hear the tefillos of someone looking to do teshuva. Besides, being with other yidden and davening with them may very well help him be chozer b’teshuva. Anyway, 15 years in solitary – can you imagine what that is? 15 years with just HKB”H – he must have been chozer B’teshuva!

  6. @ir (#7)
    Yigal Amir has admitted to killing Rabin, going so far as to say he had “no regrets” and was acting on the “orders of God.”

    If you believe that to be Israeli propaganda, well then maybe Rabin is still alive, maybe this individual Yigal Amir doesn’t even exist and is a fabrication of the state of Israel. Once you start with the conspiracy theories there is no end. If nothing requires proof then there is no such thing as fiction.

    Source: http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/amir/index.html

  7. I agree: “in doing what he did, Yigal Amir forfeited his right to be a part of Klal Yisrael.”

    However, every man has the right to perform Teshuva that his soul may be preserved in the life to come.

    I do feel he should be allowed to Daven with his “own kind” so that the chance of redemption happens, especially since he is outside our Klal Yisrael family,

  8. I am not sure about anything that was posted in the posts before mine. One thing I’m sure that poster #1 & #2 are not to decide who is a part of klal Yisroel. The Torah gave us the option of T’shuvah not you and not you. I never heard anyone say if you do one aveira you should stop doing Mitzvah’s. I don’t know who pulled the trigger but he is allowed to daven.

  9. he was confined without the right to daven with a minyan or learn with a hevrusa?
    this is a real shame and another inhuman act of this zionist country.
    i don`t want to say that what he did was good
    at least they should let him do teshuvah!

  10. One of the reasons he is in solitary confinement is his own safety. People who commit heinous crimes sometimes meet violent ends at the hands of other prisoners. This is a major problem in the US, and it can happen in Israel too.

  11. There is a double standard here. Rabbi Martin Grossman was made out to be a Saint for “alleged” doing Teshuva. Why is Yigal Amir any different?


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