Yigal Amir Applying For A Retrial, Wife Says

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The wife of Yigal Amir, who was convicted of assassinating former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, announced on Saturday that she intends to apply for a retrial of the case.

“I would like to inform you that a defense team is currently being set up to prepare and file a request for a retrial for Yigal Amir,” Amir’s wife Larisa Trembovler wrote on Facebook after Shabbos in Israel. Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. The Shin-Bet (the Shabak) is to Zionist Israel what the corrupt CIA is to the US.

    Yigal Amir, the scapegoat, is sitting in jail for the murderers who are still roaming the streets free. Naive people would say it’s a conspiracy. The fact is if Amir was the true murderer, why the need to kill the nurses who attended Rabin then?

    “Amir, unknown to himself, was shooting blanks at Rabin. Shin-Bet infiltrated Amir into the sterile area of the highest security and warned the guards to stay away from Rabin to give Amir clear shot. That much we see on the video: Rabin’s guards step away when Amir draws his gun. Subsequently, the shouts are heard, “It’s blanks!” The shooting was theatrically staged after the immense peace show. It was planned in a sterile area rather than in the square so that no one would stop Amir. Shin Bet, accordingly, placed video operators near the scene to have evidence against Amir—hence the Kempler video.”

    One of the most astonishing and mysterious events in the film occurs after Amir fires his shots. Kempler’s video clearly and unmistakably shows (7:17 minutes into video and repeated at 8:40) the back rear door of Rabin’s vehicle close before Rabin’s body guard, Yoram Rubin, whisks the prime minister into the drivers’ side of the car. Chamish suggests that Rabin’s actual assailant may have been pre-positioned in the back seat of the car as part of a conspiracy to eliminate the prime minister.
    Read it all in this article and the links if the Shin Bet hasn’t deleted it yet.


    • The path you walk is very easily aligned with antisemitic conspiracy theories! Seriously not everything needs a crazy consulted story! 9/11 was bin Laden . Sirhan wasn’t brainwashed he killed rfk because of his sympathy for jews in 1947?(1948). Their was no second shooter by JFK!


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