Yigal Amir Says He Has No Regrets For PM Assassination

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Channel 20 this evening will broadcast quotes from conversations between Yigal Amir and his associates on the program of Yinon Magal and Shimon Riklin.

The man convicted of killing Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin says in conversation that he does not regret the murder and that if he would express regret he would enjoy eased prison conditions:”They offered me: ‘Express remorse and you’ll get (privileges.)”

Amir also refers to the issue of incitement: “It would have been the easiest thing for me to say: ‘So-and-so incited me,’ or, ‘Person X sent me,’ but I didn’t consult anyone, not with rabbis, policemen, or Avishai Raviv. Raviv was my subordinate, a problematic personality, not a person who could influence anyone. The whole story that the Shin Bet influenced me is nonsense.”

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  1. Amir fired blanks, Mrs Rabin testified to this and she was there.
    Rabin was alive and well when he entered Peres’s car.
    He was dead when he left Peres’s car some 40 minutes later.
    The hospital was only a few minutes drive away.
    What went on in Peres’s car’?
    Did they argue about Rabins intention to cancell Oslo?
    Did Peres get so furious that he had his bodyguard shoot Rabin?
    The Left are very good at coverups aided by the Leftist media.

    • How could Mrs. Rabin have known whether the bullets were blanks or not just by standing there?

      It did not take 40 for him to get to the hospital, he didn’t go in Peres’s care and he wasn’t dead when he arrived at the hospital.

      According to all of the people who were in the car the only thing Rabin said was” This hurt’s but not terribly”

      • Leah Rabin stated her husband did not stagger and fall after apparently being shot at close range. “He was standing and looking very well,” Leah Rabin stated.
        A secret service agent testified: “A policeman shouted, ‘Calm down. They’re blanks.’ ”

        Just before Rabin is thrust into the bullet-proof Limousine for the trip to Ichilov Hospital, video footage shows the rear offside door being closed from the inside. Clearly, someone was already sitting in the back of the car.
        This has given rise to speculation that Rabin’s actual killer was already in the car and that following the blank shots fired by Amir, Rabin was shot in the back, twice and then in the chest. This could account for the closeness of the first shot and the “contact” shot that Amir could not have fired.

        The shot was fired from “point blank range” – in other words, the barrel of the gun was pressed against Rabin when it was fired. This evidence means that Amir did not fire the two bullets.

        Immediately following the assassination attempt, Rabin was bundled into his Limousine and the driver, Menachem Damti raced the 700 metres to Ichilov Hospital. At least he would have raced had he not got lost. Damti, a last minute replacement for Rabin’s scheduled driver, was one of the most experienced drivers in Shabak. He had almost 25 years experience and knew the streets of Tel Aviv like the back of his hand. Ordinarily, he would have covered the distance to the hospital in just over one minute. This night, however, when the streets were virtually traffic free, the trip took eight and a half minutes. Damti’s explanation that he got lost bears little weight in the minds of many observers.

        When Rabin arrived at the hospital, he had been undressed and was bleeding from the chest, according to Yevgeny Furman, a patient present at Ichilov Hospital. Yet, it is impossible for Amir to have shot Rabin anywhere but the back.

        A Tel Aviv taxi driver submitted a report to the Supreme Court of Israel in early June 1996. In this, the cabby stated on 27 March 1996, when the verdict in Amir’s trial was announced over his car radio, he was carrying a passenger. On hearing the verdict, the passenger said that Amir didn’t kill Rabin. The cab driver asked him what he meant and got the reply that Rabin was shot three times and that one of those was with a different calibre bullet to the other two. The cab driver argued, saying these facts weren’t published anywhere and that he didn’t believe him. The passenger produced an identity card showing he was a pathologist and said he had examined Rabin’s body the night he was murdered. He added that the government wasn’t telling the whole story.

    • You can’t expect the Shin-Daled and Israeli government to change the official narrative, could you? Just like all mainstream’s official narratives in the US will not be changed even though many innocent people are suffering because of it.

  2. Yeah. He sounds like a prisoner of ISIS kneeling down in the desert saying: “I am guilty of spying etc”. Only difference is by ISIS they killed him shortly afterwards, but with the shin bet they threatened his family if he didn’t say it. For all of us old enough to remember, there was write up after write up from Barry Chamish proving that he did not kill him but rather the mossad. Chamish himself was silenced and we don’t hear from him either due to threats. Exactly like Rav Chaim Brisker said that you can be חושש the ציונים of רציחה …..
    Thank goodness that a significant part of Israeli society will not believe this…..

  3. Interesting that an article about Yigal Amir should be brought forth on the same day as the murderer of JFK. But that murderer was on the loose all the days of his life and even honored with a top position. While Amir the guinea is still languishing in jail.

  4. Seeing as there are comments posted, I will add mine. What caught my attention at the time was the lack of proper due process. The remand judge, despite denying Amir a lawyer past the 48-hour legal limit, openly expressed to the court (knowing the press wold pick it up), that Amir “did not deny shooting” Rabin etc. (notice the convoluted phrasing) so that Amir would already be seen by the masses as judicially convicted (despite not having an access).

    And so it continued on and on. The trial judges paid lip-service to innocent until proven guilty but in practice denied him (his lawyer) requests for what any other democracy would deem an unquestioned given, such as a forensic examination of the vehicle.

    And there is such things as the scene where the judge lambasts the *lead* defense lawyer for not knowing enough Hebrew to be intelligible and for not knowing the law – in other words, incompetent attorney.

    And the thing about the alleged X-rays. The pathologist Hiss went on public television to display alleged X-rays of Rabin allegedly taken during the autopsy. When the defense team wanted their own experts to examine the originals, the court (all the way up to the Supreme Court) turned them down alleging medical privacy laws on a corpse in a murder trial even after they were displayed on public television.

    That is just a shortlist.

  5. Totally FAKE!
    I don’t know who killed Rabin, but this much I know, this story stinks to high heaven, how convenient for him to say all these things….

    Anyhow both the Shin Bet and the Media have lost their Nemonis a long time ago…

    With them, There’s always a hidden agenda!!!


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