”Yo, Semites!’: Trump Struggles With National Park’s Name During Signing Ceremony

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The event was supposed to be a historic signing ceremony for a conservation bill to provide billions of dollars to national parks — a rare bipartisan effort that White House officials hoped would boost the teetering re-election campaigns of several Republican senators.

But Donald Trump sparked a gusher of attention instead on social media Tuesday when he mispronounced the name of California’s most famous national park during remarks he read from a script, calling it ‘Yo-se-MIGHT’ in stead of ‘Yo-sem-i-tee.’

Read more at Mercury News.



  1. The fact that he said it twice is evidence that he knew the first time he didn’t say it right and perhaps a lapse in memory on how to pronounce…For someone that has a speech impediment I completely understand and wouldn’t fault him or anyone for a second…


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