Yoel Zev: I Was Forced to Eat Treif in Japan Jail

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yoel-zev-goldsteinYoel Zev Goldstein, who was recently released after being incarcerated for three years in Japan, says that he was forced to eat treife food during his imprisonment.

At a seudas hodaah for Yoel Zev’s family, friends and acquaintances, he described his trying experiences in Japanese prison.

“They threatened me that unless I would eat what they gave me, they would feed me by force. I had no choice but to eat the treife food,” said Yoel Zev with regret.

During the summer, Yoel Zev related, the cell was excrutiantingly hot and his clothes were wet and uncomfortable from the heat and humidity. During the winter, he said, the temperatures dropped so low and, without any heat whatsoever, he turned blue.

Yoel Zev also discussed the plight of his friend, Yaakov Yosef Greenwald, who is still in jail in Japan.

“Yaakov Yosef’s situation is very dire. The conditions are harsh and the prison guards there are considered the toughest. He is allowed just four visits a month,” said Yoel Zev.

Later in the evening, Yossi Banda, the youngest of the three bochurim involved in the Japan saga who was extradited to Israel earlier this year, arrived to greet Yoel Zev.

In other news, Shunji Miyake, the lead attorney in Yoel Zev’s case, reports that the prosecution did not appeal the verdict.

“The verdict declared by the Chiba District Court on August 29 has been fixed as final after passing by the deadline on September 12 without appeal action by prosecution,” said Mr. Miyake.

“This proves that the acquittal was based on powerful reasoning, giving little or no chance for the prosecution to succeed in revoking the acquittal at the high court,” observed Reb Meilich Bindinger, a leading askan involved in the case, who asked that all should daven for Yaakov Yosef be Reizel’s quick transfer to Israel.

“Feverish efforts to expedite the transfer procedure are ongoing, on several fronts. May Hashem help us fast,” he said.

Rabbi Bindinger added: “I request whoever can type a letter of chizuk to Yakov Yosef, in Yiddish or Hebrew, should kindly do so without delay. A typed letter will be allowed into the prison quicker than a written one. Send your letters to [email protected]. We will forward these immediately by email to our┬árepresentative in Chiba, Japan.”

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  1. That is exactly the point – it constitutes – in today’s world – a form of torture. It IS a big deal. You don’t fully understand the Japanese psyche.
    Familiarize yourself with the Bataan Death March,

  2. Now we can understand why Japan had such a catastrophe come upon it (tsunami, earthquake and reactor leaking,etc.). To threaten him to eat treifus didn’t go unnoticed by the Ribbono Shel Olam! We all should be elated for him to be home for what he endured. We must continue to say Tehilim also for Yaakov Yosef. We pray for his release with great rachamim from Above.

  3. I have lived a long time. I have seen almost everything. The last few years I have not seen so much chutzpah as in the rest of my life. I guess that’s good – it is a sign of Moshiach. Stop the world, I want to get off.

  4. Nebech, there is no way in the world that we can fully comprehend what these bocherim actually went through. ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???????? ??

  5. It is, quite frankly, offensive to unilaterally declare why a catastrophe happened. I guess commenter #6 must be the Ribono Shel Olam.

  6. whatever happened to the rasha who set these boys up?

    When can I throw eggs at him? He is a rodef, a rotrzeiach, and we should beat him to a pulp

  7. To Kevin in Comment #19:

    First, please let me repeat your extremely excellent words:

    “Whatever happened to the rasha who set these boys up?”

    “When can I throw eggs at him? He is a rodef, a rotrzeiach, and we should beat him to a pulp!”

    Obviously, to your superb remark I say:



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