You Can Now Buy A Designer Coronavirus Face Shield – For $961

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Louis Vuitton wants fashionistas to fend off the virus in style.

The fashion house is launching a plastic face shield stamped with its signature LV print for those with $961 to splurge on the luxury personal protective equipment, the New York Post reported.

The coronavirus-fighting couture made to curb the exposure to potential contaminants is constructed with hard plastic that flips up like a visor, and is adorned with a monogrammed LV elastic head strap. The shield will also transition from dark to light depending on brightness.

Read more at Fox News.



  1. Google “breathable face masks” and you’ll find easy sewing instructions for masks that don’t touch the mouth and nose, making the masks less uncomfortable. The style shown above is actually quite easy, just attaching matching fabric to the foam piece on the forehead and as bias tape around the acrylic face shield (it may not be exactly like the one shown but it’ll be close and around $940 less). Try a veil mask, which is also good for a beard.

    • No need. Use those cheap masks, those blue pamper ones (or any for this matter) and just cut off the bottom elastic that goes around your ears and covers your chin and move it up attaching it together with the top elastic. Simple. This will cause the mask to be hanging down from the nose and completely open on the bottom. Comfortable but equally sweaty and equally useless. Neither this $1000 shield nor any mask protect you nor anyone else. Might as well make it comfortable and cheap.


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