YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Fauci Pushes for New Round of State Shutdowns

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Dr. Anthony Fauci said states hit by a wave of new coronavirus cases should consider shutting down.

His comments came Wednesday during an interview on a Wall Street Journal podcast.

“Any state that is having a serious problem, that state should seriously look at shutting down,” said Fauci, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. “It’s not for me to say because each state is different.”

Last month, Fauci noted the U.S is “going in the wrong direction” in its effort to contain the coronavirus. And he said new cases of COVID-19 could increase to 100,000 a day.

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    • He isn’t a Presidential appointee but a career civil servant who can only be fired for cause. And there is no cause, Trump would have to prove that Trump is right and Fauci wrong. It will be one more Trump embarrassment on top of a thousand previous ones.

    • Just because he’s still on the media doesn’t mean he’s not kicked out. The White Hats are in control over him too.

    • because he has a long career and is a top expert in his field. just because you dont like what he has to say doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t base his decisions on emotion but on data. during this ongoing pandemic the problem is lack of data. it thus it seems like contradictory statements are made. but he has a long career and replacing him doesnt change the fact he is highly qualified!

  1. It is the Three Weeks, where would we be going anyway? Is it not hard enough to go out in the scorching heat while fasting? What about the Non Jewish friend who on Tisha B’Av with a huge smile says GOOD MORNING and we have to think how to answer?

  2. he’s a SOCIALIST and wants to shut down the American economy to get Trump to lose and turn over America to the SOCIALISTS DemocRATS

    • Yep, that’s why in Israel they are now shutting down- because they hate Trump! And so what if people die of coronavirus, we only say that life is more important than money when it comes to abortion!

  3. Sorry Fauch,

    Your raspy voice was the only reason people listened.

    Now, even your voice is annoying !

    Go back to your cubicle.

  4. It’s nothing short of amazing! There were 2 large studies, one peer-reviewed, which showed the success of hydroxychloroquine, and both showed no down side related to heart problems when administered to heart healthy patients. In addition, most of the small off-shore studies that showed poorly were discredited and/or withdrawn. So how come We’re not hearing about it from the places that matter? How come we’re not reopening with a plan to administer this cure in pre-hospital settings?
    I’ll tell you how come. Because Trump may still win the election. As soon as Biden is elected (chas v’sholom!), the pandemic will disappear, and that’s a prediction you can take to the bank.

    • Actually the definitive clinical trial was just stopped early because hydroxychloroquine was not helping. It was a small study in France with fatal flaws that got not just Trump but Navarro and Giuliani hyped on hydroxychloroquine, proving that not only Trump but his advisers are ignoramuses.

      Biden will end the junk science nonsense.

      • I know first hand of two people who went from very ill from covid-19 to completely better after taking hydroxychloroquine. If you want to believe the lies about this medication (i.e. that it doesn’t work, etc.), you can. For those who’d like to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones, look past all the political lies and realize that this medication when taken EARLY enough (and with heart monitoring) can save many lives. Beyond tragic how politics is literally costing lives. (There are other natural remedies and medications that are very helpful, as well. Any person that is determined to find the truth and not fall for the biased lies being spread by those determined to make the death toll from corona higher than it really has to be, would be wise to do so.)

        • it’s not politics its evidence if you cant prove something the medical establishment is not gonna put their reputation on the line recommending treatments that dont work. if they did then you would blame them for ‘endorsing useless treatments and why do we need them’ etc.

        • Don’t forget the ZINC! The hcq gets the zinc into the cells, which stop the cells from allowing the virus to reproduce. Stops it in its tracks.

  5. The earth is round guys. Gravity is real. People can die. You are espousing non jewish ideals. He wants to protect life. There is time for you to do teshuva

  6. “There is time for you to do teshuva”

    Gotta love these guys who had out the guilt. How about you do teshuvah for terrifying everybody over made up data. There is no pandemic. In israel only 330 people have died over 6 months. Only 100 people are even sick.

    • you do realize you cant say only some people died. because if people take precautions that would lead to less deaths exactly what the government’s are trying to do. thats like saying “why do we need traffic lights theirs not that many car accidents!”

  7. Why not impose a shut-down if it is needed to save lives (like they are doing TODAY in Eretz Yisroel)?

  8. Stupidity going on here. Yes the coronavirus is real and potentially deadly. I don’t know where all these corona-virus deniers where between after Purim and two weeks after pesach, but here in the tri-state area, tens of frum yidden died daily. And don’t give me these conspiracy theories that the “deep state”, hospitals, etc. killed them because many of the victims never even made it there (granted the response of the hospitals was inept, but that was largely because they were overwhelmed). But yes, unfortunately in recent months it has been politicized here and in some circumstances possibly blown out of proportion.


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