You Caused Someone to Jump the Curb

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sign-small[Full graphic below.] “On Tannis Esther between 7:15-7:30 PM someone made a left turn from East 8th Street on to Park Ave. You did NOT stop at the stop sign!! You did not have your lights on even though it was already well after shkia. Your car seemed to have been a light color (white, tan???). Because it was already a bit dark we can not know for sure.

You caused someone to jump the curb (on Park Ave)….  To read more, see graphic below:








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  1. You’re a tzaddik(like me)!! I had the same problem in Brooklyn last year. However, I was driving a rental (from lakewood) and had no problem filing a claim with my insurance. Basically, legally speaking: if the two cars did not collide -You have no claim (next time let them hit you). Halachically speaking: it is probably (for the most part) only a ‘grama’ and therefore you further have no claim.
    Moral of the story ….if you want to be reimbursed (AND you know that it’s surely not going to be your fault) LET THE OTHER CAR HIT YOURS!! Otherwise, be like me (a Tzaddik).

  2. I suppose he was in a hurry to get to shul to daven and hear the megilla, but, that’s no excuse for careless driving. Around Lakewood, it seems that those having the right of way have to yield to those not stopping at stop signs. It’s the norm in Lakewood, unfortunately.

  3. No doubt the person who caused this accident eats only glatt kosher, keeps chalav Yisroel and Yashan, has mehudar tefillin and davens faithfully with a minyan. The only things missing are “bein adam l’chavero” like “al taamod al dam re’echa,” ahavas Yisroel (and kavod habrios in the case of bnei Noach) a sense of personal responsibility and the ability to ignore actions which could harm or even ch”v kill another person.

    I once asked someone whom I knew to be breaking laws if he had ever learned Choshen Mishpat. He replied that “…only Poskim learn that stuff.” It seems that in addition to ignoring “that stuff” in regard to business we are ignoring “that stuff” in regard to dealing with other people, maybe since “…only Tzadikim learn that stuff.” The Chofetz Chaim Foundation could find a whole new scope for their educational efforts – and it would seem they have their work cut out for them.

  4. yeh alot of the women folk in frum communities were never tought how to drive

    iv almost got hit by women many times

    as for the hezek

    hes probly pottur its a “gramah”

    maybe has to pay ‘lotses yedie shomayim”

  5. As a resident of the area where the story took place, I must tell you that Park Avenue hits East 8th (as it does East Ninth and Rosebank, on a sharp angle. This makes it difficult for anyone who stops at the stop sign to actually see if anyone is coming down Park towards East 7th.

    Yes, our tzibur drives a bit too aggressively and seems to be oblivious of others on the road, but on the corner in question one must give the driver some leeway; it is an unusually hard place to see who is coming down the Avenue.

    I, for one, would love to see the Township conduct a survey of the dangerous corners and streets. (The curve on Park and E. Harvard is an accident waiting to happen as is the intersection of Park & E. 7th).

    It would save lives if they would make East Ninth a one-way street from Park to East End and East Eighth one-way from Nowlan to Park. The intersection on E 7th should be a four-way stop at least and a traffic light at best!

  6. umm… please do not be so harsh against us women! i know plenty of reckless male drivers! and it happens to be female drivers generally drive more calmly and cautiously than men!

  7. Why does it have to be a lady driver? Plenty of you men out there stop for stop signs in the middle of the intersection. If we honk at you, you give us a dirty look. You speed, especially after licht bentching, so you can get where you’re going a few seconds earlier. The solution to the problem is to leave a few minutes earlier so you don’t have to pretend you drive for NASCAR to reach your destination.
    And another thing, you NYers think you own the road. We in NJ don’t park facing the wrong way on the street. We don’t honk like maniacs. We don’t make spaces where there aren’t any. We don’t hold our cell phones while we drive. We don’t double park. (Some of you are so obsessed with double parking that you even do it next to empty spaces! One genius even double parked next to Hatzola’s ambulance. That took real intelligence.) You’re all probably thinking that you’ve seen these offenses in Lakewood too. There’s a simple explanation for that: The offender is more than likely a transplanted NYer. Maybe we should start calling Boro Park “Double Park”?
    Bottom line: SLOW DOWN! There are other people on the road besides you.


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