You Could Report Illegal Parking In NYC – And Get Paid To Do It, Under New Bill

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Anyone in New York City would be able to report illegally parked cars under a new bill recently introduced to the city council.

Whistleblowers would also receive part of the fine paid by violators.

Under the bill, which was introduced by Councilman Stephen Levin and Council Speaker Corey Johnson, fines for illegal parking would be increased from $115 to $175.

Additionally, the person who reports an infraction would get 25% of the money, or about $45.

Also noteworthy, cars with city-issued placards would not be exempt.

The hope is the proposed change would increase safety around bike lanes, bus lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and fire hydrants.If the bill is passed into law, an online portal would be created through which anyone could file a complaint.

Read more at ABC7.



  1. The hydrant by my house is blocked all night every night and its been over a year since anyone was ticketed.
    According to Halacha is it muttar to report??

    • No. It’s mesira. The halacha clearly states that one doesn’t need to convene a bais din in order to eliminate/take out a moser. Lieda lieda, wicked people got used to being moser on Yeshivos Shuls and fellow Yidden for davening to the Aibishter in a mikdash miat. Now these wicked sanctimonious people will have one reason to be maaser on others. It’s time we start following halacha and take these rishaim out.

  2. Divide and Conquer.
    Obama/Holder are smiling. Pit one citizen against another. Snitch and tattle. Mesira. Lashon hora at it’s worst. Evil wicked laws. It’s bad enough they have cameras everywhere spying on us. Now they want to drag the citizens into this?! Where are our heimishe Councilmen?
    Can a WHITE report on a black??? Isn’t that racist??? Where are the Thought Police?

  3. Great! There are at least six NYPD cars blocking hydrants and crosswalks on 59th street and 16th Avenue in BP.

    I just earned $270! Hooray!

  4. The hope is the proposed change would increase safety around bike lanes, bus lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and fire hydrants.

    Baloney! The hope is that more revenue will come in by every unemployed loafer canvassing neighborhoods with limited parking looking for cars to ticket.

    Is this going to be taxable income or non taxable so as not to discourage the people doing it because they will lose their programs?

  5. Hope no Jew would want to be from the cursed of “velamalshinim al tehi sikva” which is said 3x daily. Plenty of mosrim are suffering currently because of their mesirah on non-mask wearers, group gatherers, etc.

  6. There is severe potential for abuse. I envision the anti-Semites patrolling frum neighborhoods and making parnosoh from the gotcha stuff. If the bill lacks these discriminatory safeguards, it should never be allowed to become law. If it does, it should be challenged in court as unconstitutional. No one should be surprised at this socialist idea from the mayor. It is significant that this was an early move in the Nazi party.

  7. המוסר ישראל ביד עובד כוכבים, בין בגופו בין

    ממונו, אין לו חלק לעולם הבא, ויורדים

    לגהינם ונידונין לדורי דורות וגופן כלה ונשמתן

    כלה, וגריעי מהמשומדים וכו’ כמבואר בשו”ע

    חו”מ סי’ שפ”ח ובש”ך שם, ובהרמ”א שם “וכן

    מחרימין המחזיק ביד ההולך לפני גוים”

    The aforementioned is halacha. It should however be noted that if someone is blocking your access to your property and after consulting with a posek, there are instances where said posek will allow one to phone the authorities or move the car on their own. As the isur is very chomer a competent posek must be consulted!

  8. If this evil law passes the NY post will have eventually have an article how in the Bronx, Harlem, and Bed Sty there were X amount of tickets given because of the snitches , But in Boro Park and Williamsburg almost none. Then it will become a racist issue.

  9. If I were a snitch, man
    Yibibibibi yibibibibibiboy
    All day long I’d malshin to the goy
    I’d become a wealthy man

    I wouldn’t have to look hard
    Yibibibibi yibibibibibiboy
    I’d call our Gov, snitch as much as I can
    I’ll be a wealthy malshin man

    I’d cruise by every yeshiva at dismissal time
    I’ll have the brownies on speed dial, rake in every dime

    For shlishi I won’t get called
    Yibibibibi yibibibibibiboy
    My dear old Rebbe, well, he may be appalled
    When off to traffic court he’s hauled

    To be in cherem I’ve planned
    Yibibibibi yibibibibibiboy
    In Boro Park and Willi, so what if I get banned
    Being Cuomo’s moiser is so grand


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