‘You Won’t Be Safe’ Under Biden, Pence Warns

Vice President Mike Pence at the Pentagon on Aug. 9, 2018. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer.

Vowing to bring “peace and security to cities across America,” Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday carried the Trump campaign’s message of law and order to exurban Pennsylvania, a battleground state where Pence warned of a descent into chaos in big cities should presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden be elected.

At a “cops for Trump” rally outside in Greensburg, Pence warned of rising violence in cities, castigated Democrats’ calls to defund police and framed November’s election as being about safety and security. The theme is emerging as a key Trump campaign message that plays on the violence that has cropped up alongside demonstrations and unrest after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“When Democrats call for defunding police, remember what’s at stake: law and order, safety and the peace of mind that you and your family and your children have every right to enjoy as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth,” Pence told the crowd in southwestern Pennsylvania, about 24 miles (15 km) southeast of Pittsburgh.

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  1. Yidden existed before the United (united?) States of America and Yidden will exist after the USA, when the former superpower will hardly be remembered as a footnote of history. How many people do you know that can read and write Hieroglyphs? How many do you know that can speak Ancient Egyptian language fluently?

  2. Don’t worry, you’ll be very safe. The country will go to _____ in a hand basket, but you’ll be safe. The only reason the leftist mayors/governors/et al are promoting this lawlessness is Because they feel that a chaotic status quo will allow Biden to win. As soon as he wins, things will get back to normal very quickly in the short run — the pandemic will disappear, hydroxychloroquine will work, the numbers of dead will drop like a stone (they don’t really exist now, only in the false narrative of the left), mayors will get police out there pushing back at the criminals, all will be good.
    In the long run, of course, the US is doomed, similar to Obama’s years. Israel will be thrown under the bus, Iran will thrive, China and Russia will be back in the game big time, taxes will go up with nothing to show for it, and on and on…


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