Young de Blasio Supported Sandinistas

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bill-deblasioThe portrait of the freshly Obama-endorsed mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio as a young activist is something out of a Drudge Report nightmare.

The New York Times describes de Blasio’s trip to bring aid to Nicaragua, then in the midst of a war between the leftist Sandinistas and the Reagan-backed Contras, as a turning point in his vision of politics. When he returned to the U.S., it was as an advocate of “democratic socialism” and governments closely attuned to community needs. He remained involved in the Sandinistas’ cause even after joining Mayor Dinkins’s campaign, but gradually became more focused on his work in city government.¬†Read more.

{ Newscenter}


  1. This DeBallsio guy is a real piece of work!!!

    He is a Communist/Socialist Ultra Leftist Liberal.

    Anyone who votes for this Menivil deserves what they get!

    Yidden, Don’t be fooled by any phonies/paid political consultants in our community, they are only promoting this Menivil for their own benefit not for the benefit of the community.

    Always do your own research before you vote.
    Don’t rely on anyone (except your own Ruv if he involves himself in politics) because you never know what their agenda is.


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