Young Israel Calls On YU and Cardozo Law School to Rescind Invitation to Jimmy Carter

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carterThe National Council of Young Israel has called on Yeshiva University and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law to withdraw an invitation to former President Jimmy Carter to attend an award ceremony at the law school on April 10. Carter is slated to be the recipient of the International Advocate for Peace Award, which is an award that is given each year by the school’s Journal of Conflict Resolution.

“The National Council of Young Israel strongly urges Yeshiva University, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and the school’s Journal of Conflict Resolution to do the right thing and rescind the invitation that has been issued to former President Carter,” said Farley Weiss, the president of the National Council of Young Israel. “We believe that honoring President Carter as an International Advocate for Peace Award may be consistent with this organization’s past of honoring another demonizer of Israel, Bishop Desmond Tutu, but it does not mean that bad decisions should be repeated over again; rather, they should learn from the past and honor those who truly deserve to be honored. We would further like to hear from Yeshiva University and Cardozo Law School, which is my wife Jessica’s alma mater, that steps will be taken by the university to prevent the recurrence of such honorees in the future.

“Mr. Carter’s well-known animus and bias towards the State of Israel has earned him widespread condemnation from Jews and non-Jews alike, and he is certainly not deserved to have any honor bestowed upon by him by an entity that has ties to the Jewish community and the Jewish State,” continued Weiss. “We hope that Yeshiva University and Cardozo will do the right thing and reconsider its decision to permit Mr. Carter on campus and not allow its students to pay honor to someone who has one much to hurt the honor of the State of Israel.”

In April 2008, Carter deliberately and wantonly ignored the wishes of the United States government when he traveled to Syria to meet with Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas’ terrorist organization. Carter not only met with Mashaal but embraced Hamas, a terrorist group that has repeatedly called for the destruction of the State of Israel. This action by Carter was not one for conflict resolution, but was a slap in the face to Israel, the U.S., and Jews everywhere.

Carter has also shown his repeated denigration of Israel not just through his actions, but through his words as well. In 2006, Carter wrote a book entitled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” Carter’s use of the word “apartheid” in the book’s title was outrageous. Although apartheid is the rule of dominant minorities, Carter inexplicably used the divisive term to describe Israel, a country which is by no means ruled by a dominant minority.

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  1. How can you turn away a president to a prestigious institution no matter his message. His story is well known. Allow the president to speak and thus perpetuate history.
    You will not be robbing Israel and you will not be hurting your people. This is not a synagogue where the issue would be that Torah is observed in all respects and thus a message of anti-Semitism is against our hold on society.

    But if you let Carter speak, you earn respect among those who hate you. Give it to tomorrow to break no rule of Predilection and thus we are in better stead with G-d, Nation and Fellow Man.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble Beethoven, but no matter how much appeasing or crawling or apologizine or whatever changes the minds of those who are anti-semites and just makes the appeaser look weak with absolutely no self respect, thus causing a chilul for the Jewish people.

  3. Because these people are hate mongers who refuse to accept that their ideas are morally bankrupt and who fundamentally have no idea what the Torah actually teaches. Theirs are not Jewish values.

    They can do the rituals but fail on thought and ideas. Moreover, they truly don’t get what higher learning values and that the free exchange of ideas make us stronger as a society. And at a law school- please.

  4. To 2:
    After the day is over, you have talking sessions to discuss the “message”. You promote democracy, allow dialogue and discuss the true spirit of humanity.

    We are not sitting down.


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