Young Israel of Midwood Concerned About Proposed Public School

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midwoodThe Young Israel of Midwood shared the following with regarding a matter that can greatly effect the community.

“We are forwarding a press release that impacts our shul. This is a critical issue that demands our attention and action. This proposed school affects us immensely and we urge everyone to pass this along to everyone they know in the neighborhood. Our elected officials need to know our position on this matter as soon as possible. It is important that we unite as a community on this and attend the Community Board Meeting on March 6. In order to speak at the hearing you must register beforehand. Please contact Sol Borg – or David Stern – If you would like to speak, we will coordinate your request with the Community Board.”


(Midwood, Brooklyn) – Council Member Michael C. Nelson announced today that he has learned of ongoing negotiations for the sale of three lots located on Ocean Avenue between Avenues L and M to the Department of Education, for the construction of a new public school.
Councilman Nelson is concerned about the proposed school, which would serve about 450 students from pre-school to 5th grade, because of the many potential problems that could be presented by the project’s location.

While there are still many ‘ifs’ to be sorted out, the proposal, if made a reality, would negatively impact an already oversaturated neighborhood. “A public school in the proposed location would not serve the residents in the area,” said Councilman Nelson, noting that many in the community opt to send their children to one of the numerous private schools nearby. “The area is already dealing with the Department of Education’s newly opened and misplaced truancy center, as well as the frequent JC Studio film shootings, which tie down streets for days at a time and take up valuable parking spaces for residents and commercial establishments,” Nelson continued.

Community Liaison, Chaim Deutsch added to the Councilman’s sentiments saying that between the frequent film shootings, the amount of schools nearby, and the many commercial properties including the massive Pomegranate supermarket, “traffic in the vicinity can get Manhattan-like during rush hour and adding a school would create even more havoc.” Deutsch stressed the importance of reducing traffic congestion when possible, specifically for the needs of emergency vehicles.

If a deal is not struck between the landlord and the Department of Education, the city has threatened to acquire the property through the use of eminent domain. It is also known that the School Construction Authority considered four other properties before settling on Ocean Ave. A hearing on the topic is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th at 7PM at the Community Board 14 Office located at 810 East 16th St. Residents are urged to attend if they have any concerns.

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  1. “Councilman Nelson is concerned about the proposed school, which would serve about 450 students from pre-school to 5th grade, because of the many potential problems that could be presented by the project¬ís location”

    There are only TWO issues, and two issues only, that concern Councilman Nelson; the first is pandering to his constituents’ knee jerk reaction of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and the fact that he is shot scared of losing his seat on the city council.

  2. The traffic implications would be a nightmare! Ocean Avenue is a main thoroughfare, and tying it up even more with school traffic (not to mention the years of construction traffic that would precede the school traffic!) would be disastrous to this already overloaded neighborhood.

  3. Great. Just what the New York kehilla needs – more publicity. This time, trying to block a presumably needed public school that they see as “trespassing” on “their” turf. I’ve been in that neighborhood of Brooklyn, and there are plenty of non-Jews around.

    Trying to block the school will be seen as a chutzpah. And for that matter, it is a chutzpah. We’re saying that because our own kids don’t need a public school that our neighbors’ children don’t deserve one? We are fortunate to live in a malchus shel chesed. Let’s keep it that way by not being obnoxious to our fellow citizens.


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