Young Rav Pinchos Abuchatzeirah Thrust Into Position Following Father’s Petirah

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rav-pinchos-abuchatzeirahFollowing the tragic death of his father, Rav Elazar Abuchatzeirah zt”l of Beer Sheva, Rav Pinchos Abuchatzeirah, barely 35 years old, has been thrust into the spotlight to fill his father’s shoes, taking over leadership of the thousands who sought the advice and blessings of Baba Elazar.

At the levaya on Friday, Rav Pinchos, as the eldest son of Baba Elazar, was crowned as his father’s successor by Chacham Ovadiah Yosef, who heaped praise upon him and wished him boundless hatzlacha in his new position.

34-year-old Rav Pinchos was born on 26 Shevat תשל”ז to his father, Baba Elazar zt”l and his mother, Rabbanit Devorah shetichyeh. In his youth, he learned at a cheder in Tifrach and then in Yeshiva Ketana Even Ha’azel in Netivot. He later learned at a yeshiva gedolah in Tifrach, where he gained the respect of rabbeim and peers for his diligence in limud haTorah and his concern for others.

Rav Pinchos married his wife, Tamar, daughter of Reb Meir Ochana of Yerushalayim, and, shortly after the wedding, they moved to Beer Sheva, near his father, and he was appointed as rov of a local neighborhood.

At the same time, he traveled every day to learn bechavrusah in Yeshivas Hanegev in Netivot with Rav Eliyahu Eliezer Yaakovson, rov in Tifrach, considering the latter to be his rebbi and mentor with whom he consults on every matter.

Rav Pinchos was appointed by his father to head the mosdos of Yagel Yaakov Yismach Yisroel, which has a kollel, yeshivos and mosdos hachinuch.

{Yair Israel}


  1. When a young Rav is appointed a mara d’asra, especially of this magnitude, he is given special Siyata D’Shmaya.

    May Rav Pinchos be matzliach in his avodas hakodesh.

  2. Hashem should give him siyate dishmaya and he should be mamshich his fathers derech in Ahavas Yisroel. Was just wondering will there now perhaps be a metal detector when you walk into the Mikubils house. It’s certainly called for, considering how many times his father the Tsadik was under danger, and how people tried to kill him.

  3. Rav Pinchos wears a black bent-down fedora hat like the Ashkenazic Chareidim rather than the Baba head cover? (Looking at above photo.)


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