Your Commute Could Now Get A Bit Longer With Waze

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Waze, the smartphone traffic and navigation app used by more than 50 million drivers, may actually make some commutes a little longer starting today – all in the name of safety, CBS NEWS reports. It’s also considering a feature to warn drivers about routes that go through high-crime neighborhoods.

Users in Los Angeles (and soon in New Orleans) will get an alert that their Waze has changed how it maps their route to work.

The app will no longer direct drivers to cross over or turn through busy intersections that lack a stop sign or a light, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

In what some Waze users call a “suicide straight,” the app would sometimes direct drivers across multiple lanes of heavy traffic. Another concern for some is when Waze suggests a left turn through that same multi-lane traffic without a light.

But Waze’s Amber Kirby says, not anymore. Starting first in Los Angeles, the app may sacrifice a little time for safety.

“If you are commuting 40 minutes to an hour, maybe it adds a couple minutes here and there,” Kirby said. Read more at CBS NEWS.




  1. If they’re so concerned about safety in high crimes areas, why don’t they start with arab areas in Israel? That’s high crime in everybody’s books.

  2. This article is very misleading. The article implies that Waze is forcing users to use the difficult intersections feature. This cannot be further from the truth as a simple google search will show that the feature is easily disabled by the users. The article implies that Waze forced some “sinister feature” onto into users with no way to disable it, when in reality, the feature is actually a lifesaver to many people who’ve complained about being routed through impossible intersections. A little clarity will be appreciated in the future.

  3. Excuse me, if by whatever regrettable mistake a driver is suggested to cross through multiple lanes of heavy traffic, to go ahead beyond a “Road Closed” sign, to reach their destination through stairs which would be the perfect shortcut on foot, should we blame the app or should we request DMV to check more carefully for a functional brain when issuing a licence?!


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