Your Matzoh Was Burnt

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shemurah-matzohDear Editor,

I just thought I would drop you a note to inform you that I had purchased your matzo and was very much disappointed as the matzo was burnt around the edges (all the slices) and the whole rest of the matzo had a burnt taste to it. I found it very difficult to enjoy it and ended up throwing most of it out.

I have my doubts whether I would ever buy your product again.

Francine Bialick responds:

We are sorry to hear of your experience, but we must inform you that we are not a matzoh bakery, nor do we operate one. We are a Jewish news website. We are not sure which bakery or people you are attempting to contact with your matzoh complaint. We are sorry that you had to endure burnt matzoh. We hope that your future experiences are better and that you successfully make contact with those you are trying to reach.

Chag sameiach. Newscenter


  1. So I guess this is why me, the simple jew, finds happiness and simplicity in the regular brands of Matzos (Yehuda this year). I must say I have had the schmurah matzos and I felt it was an outrageous price to pay. Maybe just for the sedar. But of course, if you want a fancy delicacy, you might be up against a fancy loss.

  2. Dear Editor,

    Do you have any burnt matzos left? My husband really like the slices that are burnt around the edges.

    Also, do you deliver?


  3. Perhaps she confused ??? with “????”?

    (For those who may not have understood, I equated “????” with “?????”.)

  4. Well done matzah is considered a hidur by many. This often results in burnt matzah. Sounds like she should be using machine matzah which is generally lighter and more evenly baked.

  5. Over a thousand people attended a major Assifa against the Eruv in Williamsburg, last night & Matzav is shtill?! Let’s have some real stories that effect Bnei Torah, not these Shtusim stories!

  6. After 4 cups of wine, i also accidentally sent a letter to my matzav bakery informing them that i did not like their website. 😀

  7. To Francine Bialek – If you eat matzo because you think it is an exotic delicacy, then you don’t know what it’s all about. You eat it for the mitzva not for the taste. I don’t know if you are talking about hand made shmuro matzo or machine made matzo. The handmade ones are more likely to be burnt and cost an astronomical amount. The machine ones are much cheaper and are not usually burnt.

  8. its an honest mistake, whatever happened. and some dont like the burnt taste, it doesnt mean that’s what they consider important.

  9. To #13:
    Many people have an English name and may be frum. Your asking her how the bacon was is rude and with the assumption that she is irreligious? Do you know her?

  10. well Francine, let’s settle this once and for all. first of all, if the matzo was burnt, the question is a) did it actually take longer than 18 minutes to bake it? okay. think about it. (but not too long…)
    second of all, b) to get right to the source of the complaint, maybe you should call the company direct, tell them your concern and then they might compensate you by sending you an entire case. they would do a mitzvah and you would have your matzav!

  11. #27 cool down, it was no doubt strictly kosher bacon, from the pork-like geese that have been raised in Spain or whatever….

    Francine: we love burnt hand-made matza, but if you don’t like, perhaps it’s more to your taste and cheaper to buy machine-made shmura matza.

  12. I feel like boycotting the matzohs that aren’t burnt. I love burnt matzoh and wish it was sold in see-through packaging so that I could just buy the really burnt ones.


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