You’ve Never Seen a Family Quite Like This

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Years ago, the “K” home in Jerusalem was a bustling hub of regular home life. A remarkable 17 children buzzed happily and out of its doors, each bringing his or her own unique personality to the large family. When the eldest child became seriously ill, however, the “K”s were shaken to their core. Tumors were found on his spinal cord and brain, and he was quickly admitted to the hospital.

The diagnosis of the origin of the tumors, however, was far more shocking than the family could have imagined. The boy had neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder which causes spinal tumors, and is only detected from adolescence or older. Mother Esther’s fears were multiplied – now she no longer had to worry about just her son, but all of her children.

A devastating 11 of the 17 children tested positive for the disorder. One by one, as each of them reached teenagehood, the tumors began to appear. Eventually, the growth appeared on the spine of father Pinchas as well. Pinchas and three of the “K” children, Aharon, Mordechai, and Tzivya, tragically passed away.

“E” now acts as self-proclaimed ‘head nurse’ to her children, together with extended family who take shifts taking care of the 8 remaining sick family members. Several of them urgently need surgeries to save their lives, and restore their senses. “E”, however, is unable to cover the expenses. Donations are being collected for this cause which is, in every sense of the word, a matter of life and death.

“They deserve to continue living, to continue filling the world with their light, to be healthy,” reads touching campaign text. What follows is the simplest, yet most powerful plea a mother can utter:

“Please save my babies.”

Those close with the family can only pray that strangers unite to do just that.



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