ZAKA Volunteer at the Kiryat Arba Shooting Attack Site Discovers His Wife is Among the Dead

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kiryat-arbah-attackFor the second time in a month, tragedy has struck the ZAKA family of volunteers. Mommi Ben Chaim (name not yet to be released), a ZAKA volunteer from the South Hebron region, hurried to the scene of tonight’s fatal shooting attack near Kiryat Arba and began his sacred work at the site. ZAKA volunteers at the site were horrified to discover that one of the victims was his wife Cochava and stopped their work in order to convey the tragic news to their fellow volunteer and offer him emotional support at this difficult time.

ZAKA volunteers from Beitar, who also arrived at the scene, continued clearing the site, so that their South Hebron ZAKA colleagues could escort Ben Chaim away from the scene.

(While attending to the dead and injured at the railroad minivan crash earlier this month near Kiryat Gat, ZAKA volunteers discovered that Aryeh Bernstein, a veteran ZAKA volunteer from Beitar Illit, was among the dead. Bernstein was killed together with his wife, four children and one grandchild.)

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  1. Why is it that this Elul almost every day another yid is nifter a misa meshuna R”L? Either its a car/aircraft crash or an attack, all I know is that this is unusual and frightening. The only response, I think, is to try to streanthen ourselvs to overcome the yetzr horah more often.

  2. Please try to remember that we are discussing the tragic petirah of yidden. I don’t think this is the appropriate time for either sarcasam or political commentary (not sure which your’e tryinig to accomplish)


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