Zantac Has Low Levels Of Cancer-causing Chemical, FDA Warns


U.S. health officials said Friday that they are investigating low levels of a potentially dangerous contaminant in the popular heartburn medication Zantac and related generic drugs.

The Food and Drug Administration said in a public statement it has detected a “probable” cancer-causing chemical in ranitidine, the generic term for the medication sold as both prescription and over-the-counter treatments to treat stomach acid and ulcers. The federal agency said the carcinogenic ingredient is a type of nitrosamine called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA.

The agency said patients can continue taking Zantac and similar heartburn medications for now, but patients using prescription versions who want to stop using them can consult their doctors to discuss other treatments.

Read more at CBS.



  1. Oh come on. The Pharmaceutical companies can do no wrong. This is obviously fake news concocted by those crazy rodfim who refuse to take their flu shots. All medications and injections that your doctor tells you to take is %100 safe. After all he went to college.


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