Zimmerman Tries Selling Gun Again, Asks for $500K

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For the third time in one week, George Zimmerman will attempt to sell the pistol he used to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin four years ago.

Zimmerman first listed the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm on GunBroker.com last Wednesday, but it was yanked off the site the following morning before bidding ever began.

The notorious Florida man then moved the auction to United Gun Group, where the bidding was derailed by trolls using names like “Racist McShootface” and “Tamir Rice” to bid up the gun to exorbitant and unrealistic levels.

After that auction was canceled on Saturday, Zimmerman re-posted it on the same site Monday, with a new starting price of $100,000 and a buy-it-now price at $500,000—and this time he asks bidders to send inquiries to him via [email protected] Read more at the New York Daily News.

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  1. All the libs must be seething with rage. Tough on you, little libs, you can’t buly a man with means of defense.

    • Actually, some of us centrists and conservatives are also pretty disgusted at this poor excuse of a human (and at the fools who think he’s some kind of a hero, too). Even folks who never voted for President Obama are repulsed by this vile punk who posts a picture of the dead body of the person he shot with a brag about how tough he (the shooter) is.
      Not every Democrat is a Code Pink leftist, and not every Republican is a bloodthirsty slug.

  2. The libs are the real racists. Zimmerman happens to be a Latino man according to the customary US definition; he is just as white as Obama who is considered black even though one of his parents is white. If Zimmerman had a different last name, let’s say Gonzalez, the libs would not have cared for Martin. After all, blacks and Latinos shoot each other in LA and Chicago without raising any lib attention. A white and Jewish sounding last name – the libs go livid. A racist is someone who sees a race instead of a person, the libs fit this definition.

    • Which is one extra reason for Yidden to state clear and loud that this person is not Jewish, that what he did is not what Jews do as we are a compassionate people, and much less it’s what Torah-observant Jews would even dream of doing as it goes against Jewish law, and to remark that we do not get involved in litigation among non-Jews which we’ve no interest into. Actually, he was acquitted, but has been so stupid to be repeatedly arrested and now he is trying to profit from this weapon – oh well let him try. Only it should be known, as you have very correctly pointed out, that he is a Latino lowlife.


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