Zmanim For Lag Ba’Omer Hadlakos In Meron

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  1. Reb Elyashiv Ztkl said the reason he didn’t go to Meron is….. Because he felt closer to RASHBI by learning a blatt Gemorah!

  2. Astute readers will read between the lines and realize who is not listed there. Very large groups and segments of the religious community, such as the largest Chasidus in EY (Gur), Vizhnitz, Sanz, Litvishe yeshivos, etc., etc.

    It shows that large, powerful and significant segments of the community do not buy into it. Unlike what some people would like you to believe, it is not universal.

  3. I notice that people pronounce the word “Elokai”, with a Patach at the end. Is it not correct to say Elokee (Cheerik)? I understand the interest in having the word rhyme with “Yochai”. Nevertheless, which is correct?

  4. This in response to all the haters up there:
    besides for the fact you have no clue what you are talking about, not everything you think must come out. This is supposed to be a time to work on ahavat yisrael and ben adam lahavero… so at the very least keep your comments for yourself.
    There may be divergent opinions but it is not our place to mingle in mahloket chachamim.
    If only you knew the greatness of this day and of Rabbi Shimon and all the yeshuot that came about and keep coming through them.
    Bli neder I will daven for you tomorrow in Meron.

    • If people have such great yeshuot, so then why must they go year after year? I thought everything gets solved and all their problems melt away? If one has no problems in life, why the need to go? I’m not being sarcastic. I’m trying to understand how this works.


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