Important Action Request from The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition


netanyahuAs you are aware, on March 3 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be addressing a joint session of Congress about the threat posed by Iran.

We are disappointed to report that some local members of Congress have not yet responded to requests for confirmation that they will attend the Prime Minster’s address.

We urge you to contact Representatives Yvette Clark and Nydia Velazquez, and respectfully urge them to attend the speech as a sign of respect to their constituents and of friendship and support to Israel and its people. They must not allow a diplomatic disagreement between friends to undermine the bipartisan concern for Israel’s safety and security.

Please thank Congressman Hakeem Jeffries who decided to attend. We greatly appreciate his leadership and friendship.

We remain grateful to President Obama and the entire United States government for their unwavering support for the security and safety of the State of Israel and its people.

Your opinion matters. Please contact:

Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.):

Washington #-202-225-6231

Brooklyn #-718-287-1142

Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.):

Washington #-202-225-2361

Brooklyn #-718-599-3658

South West Brooklyn #-718-222-5819

Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.):

Washington #-202-225-5936

Brooklyn #-718-373-0033

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  1. This is not “a diplomatic disagreement between friends.” This is a disagreement between those defending the right of Jews to a homeland, and an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish cabal in the administration. I don’t see any “friends” in the administration, and not to many in the Democratic party.

  2. Hopefully BiBi will remember and remind the world of the significance of the day to the Jewish people and how the history of the Jewish people connects them to the land.The Jewish People have endured numerous Holocausts and survived them all.They must not endure one more.Every time the Jews have one the rest of the world suffers too and tries to blame it on the Jews but this will not work anuymore Israel is the only secure land mass in the middle east.America cannt afford to lose it.Obama cannot deliver another one from among his Moslem friends

  3. I sent an e-mail to Senators Shumer and Gillibrand urging them to attend the meeting at which PM Netanyahu is scheduled to speak, reminding them that while the resident of the White House will not stand for another elections, they will, and that my family and community will remember who among the members of the Congress stood by Israel at her time in need.


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