Kushner’s White House Role Now Focused Mainly On Israeli-Palestinian Peace


Separate reports published by The New York Times and The Washington Post on Saturday say that Jared Kushner’s role in the Trump administration has been reduced over recent months and is now almost primarily focused on the Middle East peace process.

“Jared’s portfolio is Israeli-Palestinian peace, and he respects what his lane is,” The Washington Post quoted an unnamed official as saying. Read more at i24NEWS.




  1. A total waste of time. Obama thought he could do it because he identified with the Muslims, and it didn’t work. So now they think with Kushner being a Jew, it WILL work???!
    Kushner should go back to Manhattan and work for his Dad. He can take that wife of his back to NY as well. Unfortunately, the Kushners have fallen into the Clinton trap. They think everyone in this Country just adores them and is breathlessly following their every move. WHO CARES??? Just go away and leave us all alone already.

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