Rep. Nadler: Iran Bigger Threat Than ISIS



New York Democrat Rep. Jerrold Nadler breaks with President Barack Obama on negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, warning that the country is a bigger threat to the United States than the Islamic State (ISIS).

“I don’t want to see our focus on Iran, or that we ally with Iran, because of ISIS,” Nadler said Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM 970. “Iran is developing intercontinental ballistic missiles whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear weapons to North America. That is the real strategic threat. And I’m concerned that we’ll take our eye off the main ball [because of ISIS].”

Nadler said he also is concerned that nobody knows what is going on in the negotiations to allow Iran to operate a nuclear power program without a weapons program.

“Nobody knows what’s in the deal,” he told host John Catsimatidis.

“If the agreement says Iran can’t make nuclear fissile materials, and there will be very good inspections, and so forth, for 10 years, but in the 11th year they can become a nuclear power, that’s not a good deal,” he said.

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  1. So why, Mr. DumDum are “YOU” boycotting Netanyahu’s speech? Don’t “YOU” see how awkwardly slanted the prez is on this.
    It’s blasphemous!
    It’s tyrannical!
    Mr. Nadler, is he a deity in your eyes? If he’s wrong, say so!
    None of his friends are telling it to him and he’s so wrapped up onto himself he doesn’t realize the emperor has got no clothes!
    TELL HIM!!!

  2. One more thing!
    Don’t be like your Pelosi leader and tell us to pas this thing so that we can see what’s in it!
    That stupidity worked last time and we’re now stuck eith Odumdumcare.
    Fool me once and I’m the fool.
    Fool me twice and we’re both fools!


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