Students for Justice in Palestine Outraged by Mysterious Flyers Showing Hamas Executions


students-for-justice-in-palestineUCLA’s chapter of anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) was enraged by a series of posters depicting Hamas executions that appeared this week around the school campus.

“These posters are a clear example of hate speech directed against Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as supporters of Palestinian freedom and equality,” SJP asserted in a statement. “They rely on Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes to paint Palestinians as terrorists and to misrepresent Students for Justice in Palestine as antisemitic.”

The group, which has often been accused of antisemitism, claimed that it is an organization that prides itself on its opposition to racism and bigotry, and that it is open to students “from all walks of life.” Furthermore SJP said they are concerned that they flyers will delegitimize their efforts to persuade university regents to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

“Defacing school property and intimidating a specific group of students creates a deeply harmful environment that prevents student learning and community-building,” the statement continued. “Coupled with the recent uprise in Islamophobia on a national scale, we are concerned for the safety of our fellow students and student organizers.”

One of the posters depicts a Gazan with a bag over his head as Hamas executioners stand by his side, while another shows the body of an alleged collaborator being dragged through the streets of Gaza. Each sign was tagged with “Students for Justice in Palestine” and carried the hastag “#JewHaters” at the bottom. The flyers were spotted all around the UCLA campus including kiosks, fraternity and sorority rows, and at an apartment complex that houses undergraduate students, SJP said in its statement.

SJP further claimed that the posters are part of a “larger, egregious pattern of anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim bigotry” that has gone unchecked throughout the university. They called on the UCLA campus community to condemn racism against Palestinians, Arabs and/or Muslims.

Those responsible for the posters told The Daily Caller anonymously that the victims depicted in the posters were accused of supporting Israel. The source referenced stories of those who were tortured and killed by Hamas after aiding Israel, according to the report.

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  1. and of course they are right how dare any body show facts to prove them wrong, how dare aany one challenge them with the facts after all SJP is nothing more than a bunch of leftist Jew Haters (unless you are a self hating Jew they love you)which typically resorts to lies to prove their point, as the saying goes one picture is worth a million words

  2. According to second to last paparagraph, only anti muslim, anti arab and anti Palestinian views are racist!
    They want to have it both ways!

    I do as I please, and you do as I please!

  3. I’ve seen it soooo many times You can show them the unedited photos, video, etc.. and they still don’t care. The bottom is that they hate Jews.

  4. Notice these types of things happen all the time and the substance of the argument is never addressed. They just kvetch that it’s offensive blah blah blah. they don’t/can’t explain how murderous tyrannical hamas is the victim. Smoke and Mirrors – Change the subject

  5. Same with Obama and Bibi’s speech. Nothing about the issue just whining about “protocol” etc. Just trying to distract because they can’t win with an honest discussion of the issues.

  6. “Defacing school property and intimidating a specific group of students creates a deeply harmful environment that prevents student learning and community-building,” they would know, they are usually the ones doing these things

  7. They can’t articulate either. What do they mean they accept students from all “walks of life”? All occupations? They mean they would accept a token jew into their organization. Thhen the term would be all “affiliations”m


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