Videos, Photos: Thousands Watch As Rav Batzri Attempts To Banish Dybbuk, To No Avail

Thursday January 7, 2010 8:35 AM - 14 Comments

rav-batzri-attempts-to-remove-brazilian-dybbuk[Videos and photos below.] Last night, Rav Dovid Batzri, the noted mekubal, attempted to chase a dybbuk from a Brazilian man over a month after an unsuccessful attempt to do so was made via video conference.

As first reported here on, the story began when a man from Brazil claimed that a dybbuk had entered him. Apparently, some individuals approached Rav Chaim Kanievsky on the man’s behalf, asking his advice. Rav Chaim posed a number of questions, and, reportedly, said that it appears to be a real dybbuk. Rav Chaim added, according to reports, that he is not an expert in these matters and that they should consult with Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman. Rav Shteinman allegedly recommended that the individuals go to Rav Dovid Batzri, the renowned mekubal who has expertise in this area. The problem was the fact that the fellow was located in Brazil. Rav Batzri’s assistants arranged for him to be able to be in video contact with the Brazilian man via Skype, an internet video tool, and in that way Rav Batzri could try to exorcise the dybbuk from the man. [The video of that attempt can be seen here.]

The effort, unfortunately, was not successful and the man left for Israel for Rav Batzri to attempt, in person, to banish the dybbuk.

Prior to the Skype effort, Rav Chaim Kanievsky was reported as saying that trying to remove the dybbuk via video conference would not work, as the person must be present physically for it to be effective.

The Yid was brought to Eretz Yisroel over the last few days. He visited the homes of various rabbonim and gedolim, including Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Levi Rabinowitz (author of Madanei Hashulchan), Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter, Rav Zundel Kroizer and the Amshinover Rebbe. The visits to the gedolim were arranged at the recommendation of Rav Batzri, who said that prior to the attempt to banish the dybbuk, the Yid should visit gedolei Torah and get brachos from them.

Last night, in the ezras noshim of Yeshivat Hashalom in Yerushalayim, Rav Batzri met with the Brazilian man to attempt to banish the dybbuk. Literally thousands of people gathered in and around the yeshiva to watch.

“Get out immediately! Go out from the small toe on his foot!” Rav Batzri told the dybbuk.

“I turn to you now and tell you: If you leave now, I assure you that we will make a tikkun for you,” said Rav Batzri.

“Go! Go! Go!” yelled the crowd upon the direction of the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Hamekubalim.

But the dybbuk wouldn’t leave the body of the Brazilian avreich, who was shaking like a leaf.

Thousands watched as Rav Batzri attempted for hours to chase away the dybbuk, which refused to leave. For a long time, Rav Batzri begged the dybbuk to reveal its name, but it refused.

Exhaustion was written all over Rav Batzri’s face. With numerous sifrei kabbolah opened before him, shofars were blown and tears formed in his eyes as he exerted much effort to finally get rid of the dybbuk trapped inside the Brazilian’s body.

The voice coming out of the body didn’t say much and would not cooperate with Rav Batzri. One of the few times when the dybbuk’s voice was clear, it said that when he “was alive, he once killed a couple and took their son for avodah zarah.”

Rav Batzri proposed to perform a tikkun neshama for the dybbuk, but it refused the offer while remaining within the body of the avreich.

Rav Batzri arranged for the recital of a special tikkun, accompanied by the blowing of shofaros and the recital of the Yud Gimmel Middos. When chatzos arriveed, Rav Batzri asked everyone assembled to be mekabel ol malchus Shomayim, and the thousands who had gathered responded and recited Krias Shema together.

Among those present, there were those who claimed that during the communal recital of Krias Shema, the dybbuk was heard reciting the Shema was well. Witnesses said that at that point, they heard two voices from the Brazilian yungerman - his own and that of the dybbuk.

Throughout the evening, the avreich’s family stood close by, offering him chizuk.

The man himself was shivering and his face was pale.

Many who came just to see what was going on found themselves shaking from what they observed. They watched this otherwise healthy man, pale and trembling, as a voice emerged from him, answering Rav Batzri’s questions.

The dybbuk remains entrenched in the body of the Brazilian avreich and, as of this writing, has refused to leave despite the efforts of Rav Batzri, who spared no effort in trying to free the dybbuk from the frightened young man.

For photos of the gathering last night, see below:

Click below to watch Rav Batzri’s efforts last night:

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For another video clip taken at the yeshiva last night, in which a bochur is seen trying to climb into the ezras noshim to watch the proceedings, click below:

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14 Responses to “Videos, Photos: Thousands Watch As Rav Batzri Attempts To Banish Dybbuk, To No Avail”

1. Comment from tzippi
Time January 7, 2010 at 9:52 AM

If I may be so bold to suggest, isn’t bracha manifest in that which is suma min haayin? This was not the kind of medical procedure where many can watch and learn in order to save future lives. The ability to do what the rav attempted is transmitted b’tzina, to a chosen few, isn’t it?

2. Comment from Tova
Time January 7, 2010 at 9:53 AM

We have no idea what a terrible and bad influence we have on Bochurim who are on the verge of becoming at risk.

By them, Kishuff, Chartimei Pharoh, dancing of the Golden-Calf, trickery, and Dibbuks, are all the same.

3. Comment from IS THIS REAL
Time January 7, 2010 at 10:32 AM

At least the Dybuk got a free ride to the holy land.

4. Comment from Chaim
Time January 7, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Is the dibbuk’s voice heard on the video?

5. Comment from dirtyshirt
Time January 7, 2010 at 12:31 PM

Why can’t we just stick to Toras Hashem? Why do we feel that we need something deep and black that we cannot understand? Are our lives so devoid of meaning that we hope everything has a deeper translation.Is not the fact that we are living the words of Hakodosh Baruch Hu satisfying enough?
Why don’t we look at where these practices really “shtam” from. A quick look at wikipedia tells us more than enough.(

6. Comment from mikvah!
Time January 7, 2010 at 6:35 PM

there is a dybbuk story written by Reb Shloma Alkabetz plus numerous thru reb chaim vital and even reb Elconon wasserman
No informed yid can deny this .

But did all the attending people go to the mikvah that day Doubtful!

7. Comment from Bubby
Time January 7, 2010 at 7:27 PM

What a pity that R’ Mordche Schwab ZTL is no longer with us. He probably could have done this; as I heard from someone that this great tzaddik once got a dibbuk out of a young person.

8. Comment from anonymous
Time January 7, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Stop posting shtoos. Dibbuk dunces.

9. Comment from Bitachon 101
Time January 7, 2010 at 11:38 PM

Its quite interesting most dybuk cases that are found today are generally a man or woman suffering from a serious pschological condition that if treated professionally through time can be helped. Other than that we are living in a generation where if there is a will and a strong bond with Hashem eventually this man will be cured from his ailment. May Hashem send him and all choleh Yisrael a Refuah Shleima with the coming of Moshiach. Amen

10. Comment from Baruch Hashem
Time January 8, 2010 at 12:06 AM

It is not saying that our lives are “devoid” of meaning without delving into things like this Dybbuk story.
For those familiar with Chabad Chassidus and have studied Tanya, they may remember the fact that it talks about the 10 Sefiros (the supernal realms and the idea of the worlds within worlds.
Each Sefira has another ten within it and each of those has ten within each of those and so on, to infinity.
This world we live in, is the lowest and has the least revelation of H-sh-ms presence in it.
So to learn about something like this only shows us a tiny bit of the revelation of other realms other worlds of which we usually do not hear about.
This is not separate from Torahs H-sh-m, this is another manifestation of it and Tzaddikim like the Chassidic Rebbes have encouraged and taught the study of similar ideas.
We also have Navi’im and Medrash and we do not say forget about that and stick only to Torah and Gemarrah.
All of this is part of our heritage and for those who can, to try and understand, each person on their own level.
And yes it DOES enrich our lives (at least for some of us), and what is wrong with that?

11. Comment from Footstep of moshiach
Time January 8, 2010 at 2:14 AM

In the earlier times of bais yosef Arizl and Reb Shlomah Alkabetz nobody had the chuztpah to say that it is not a dybbuk and he only needs a refuah shlaimah!
today we are so influenced from the secularists that we get frightened from a little supernatrual happening…

Why the main reason we say Shlo asoni goy! or sheloy osani eeshah! every morning
is because maybe a Dybbuk got attached to us at night when our souls returned
And therefore we are chasing it away see Halacha

12. Comment from Bitachon 101
Time January 8, 2010 at 5:53 AM

Insolence a malady before the coming of Moshiach. CORRECT

13. Comment from sara
Time January 8, 2010 at 12:58 PM

replying to the person who said why can’t we just stick to Torah, and why look into the deeper meaning.

you must be very shallow, olam, means neelam which means hidden, it is the unhidden we must searach and reveal.

14. Comment from Anonymous
Time February 15, 2010 at 2:56 PM

Part of הלכות עבודה זרה וחקות הגוים ברמב”ם פרק י”א הל’ [כ] (טז) : ודברים אלו כולן דברי שקר וכזב הן, והן שהטעו בהן עובדי עבודה זרה הקדמונים לגויי הארצות כדי שינהו אחריהן. ואין ראוי לישראל שהם חכמים מחוכמים להמשך בהבלים האלו, ולא להעלות על הלב שיש בהן תעלה, שנאמר כי לא נחש ביעקב ולא קסם בישראל (במדבר כג כג). ונאמר כי הגוים האלה אשר אתה יורש אותם אל מעוננים ואל קוסמים ישמעו ואתה לא כן נתן לך ה’ אלהיך (דברים יח יד

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